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BMW M2 Coupe

Ubah Mobil
Rp1,52 Milyar
Harga OTR di Jakarta Selatan
Spesifikasi M2 Coupe
Tempat Duduk 4 Kursi
Mesin 2979 cc
Tenaga 370 hp
Power steering Ya
Kantong Udara Pengemudi Ya
Anti Lock Braking System Ya

Informasi Terkini BMW M2 Coupe

BMW M2 Coupe bisa dibilang sebagai penerus kejayaan BMW M1 Coupe yang sebelumnya perha hadir. Mobil tersebut begitu digemari karena selain kencang, bentuknya juga mungil sehingga menyenangkan untuk dikendarai. Itulah yang coba diakomodir oleh BMW M2 terbaru, dan terbukti, mobil ini sukses di mana-mana. Mesinnya juga sederhana yaitu enam silinder segaris dengan kapasitas 3,0 liter. Konfigurasi itu sama seperi mobil-mobil M diatasnya, kecuali tentunya tenaga M2 adalah yang paling kecil dengan angka 370 PS. Dan sepertinya semua yang ada di mobil ini mendukung untuk disukai. Bentuk yang compact, tenaga yang tidak terlalu brutal sehingga untuk sehari-hari cukup menunjang. Dan sangat mumpuni untuk dibawa ngebut.

Daftar Harga M2 Coupe

Varian Harga Spesifikasi  
3.0L DCT Rp1,37 Milyar*
Harga OTR
4 Kursi, 2979 cc, 370 hp, Bensin

Warna M2 Coupe

M2 Coupe tersedia dalam 4 warna yang berbeda - Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Long Beach Blue and Mineral Gray

  • Black Sapphire

  • Alpine White

  • Long Beach Blue

  • Mineral Gray

Gambar M2 Coupe

Video M2 Coupe

Lihat video terbaru BMW M2 Coupe untuk mengetahui interior, eksterior, performa, dan lainnya.

Konsumsi BBM M2 Coupe

Varian Konsumsi BBM (dalam kota) Konsumsi BBM (Jalan Tol)
Bensin 8.6 14.9

Review M2 Coupe

  • Overview



A part of the 2 Series compact executives produced by BMW, the M2 Coupe is the latest model of luxury sports car by the German manufacturer. Although the 2-door executive car has been in the markets since 2013, the M2 model is the newest entrant in the Indonesian market and completes the M-series lineup available in the country. Being a traditional rear wheel drive, the M2 is not only a fun to drive vehicle but quite arguably the most comfortable drives in its class. Eye-catching Exterior design, marvellous interior comfort, smooth driving, safety, and luxury, all can be found in plenty with this vehicle that is a testament to BMW’s prowess in automobile manufacturing.

Engine, mileage & variants

Being the bearer of a premium brand such as BMW, the M2 has only been presented in 2 variants in Indonesia. Although both bear the highly advanced 3.0-litre M TwinPower Turbo engine, it’s the transmission that makes the difference. One variant has been presented with a 6-speed manual gearbox while the other is supplied with a 7-speed M Double-clutch sports transmission that literally adds wings to your luxury sedan. Another technology that differs in the Double-Clutch variant is the presence of Drivelogic as featured on the M4. This adds a ton of functionalities to the vehicle including launch control, automatic stop, low-speed assistance along with extremely smooth gear shifting etc. With its drivetrain that is literally a compact power spewing monstrosity, the M2 Coupe can reach top speeds upto 250 kmph and can make 0-100 kmph in approximately 4.5 seconds or less.


Exterior design has been one of the major fortes of BMW and the same has been exemplified with the latest M2 Coupe. It would be easy for one to view this vehicle on the same lines as the lower priced sedans in the market, but the M2 Coupe clearly stands out with its evident premiumness. Being a 2-door vehicle it already separates itself from the rest of the lot, but if you’re still not satisfied then simply move towards the front to gander at the sight of pure awesomeness. The front features the same traditional kidney-esque grille but the entire front fascia has been provided with menacing lines that gives it a mean look. The taped headlamps look as fierce as a dragon along with the large honeycomb mesh air intake in the front adding the desired sportiness. Coming to the rear we see not one or two, but 4 exhaust pipes that have been chromed to the boot clearly showing off its drivetrain’s massive power generation capabilities.


There’s hardly a chance that you will be unimpressed by the M2’s exteriors but if you’re still not taken aback by its design, a ride inside the vehicle will surely change that. Upon entering,, you will be welcomed by its highly stylish yet cozy seating cabins and an elegant dashboard design. The front row has been provided with sports seats with black leather upholstery bearing the titular ‘M’ insignia. The seats are power adjustable and can be easily controlled via the buttons provided on the side. The steering wheel too looks totally awesome and totally adds to the car’s premium feel. On top of the center console, is a highly interactive touch-screen panel that can be loaded with various apps including navigation, GoPro, lap timer and loads of entertainment from the BMW ConnectedDrive store. The climate control also ensures that occupants enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of the outside weather.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

The M2 certainly delivers a top-notch performance through its powerful engine and superb handling. But all would be in vain if the manufacturer provided it with poor occupant safety. Hence, BMW has loaded the M2 Coupe with all the possible safety features one can imagine in a vehicle. Its highly robust body minimizes the risk of injury upon collision through the intelligently placed crumple zones and the rigidity provided by high-tensile steel. Its driver assist features take care of all the possible safety measures such as collision warning, lane departure, blind spot, rear camera, navigation and real time traffic updates. ABS and EBD are also present for more effective braking while maintaining full driving control at high speeds.


Despite of its premium price tag, the BMW M2 Coupe is definitely a formidable entry in the market. It not only tops the performance charts but also provides an astonishingly good fuel economy despite of being labeled as a sports sedan. Since fuel economy is the major driver for automobile sales in Indonesia, the M2 Coupe will certainly help the brand attract new buyers in the country.

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