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Gambar Gazgas Raptor 125 Pro Series

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Review Gazgas Raptor 125 Pro Series

  • Overview Raptor 125 Pro Series

Overview Raptor 125 Pro Series


Gazgas has launched a variety of bikes in Indonesia including dirt track bikes such as GE 250 Z series, SE 50 GX 50, and adventure bike Hummer. Unlike Raptor 100, Raptor 125 Pro is a full-time dirt track racing bike for a single rider. Tougher tyres with stronger buttons, light in weight and stronger suspensions offer tough competition for dirt track bikes from the leading manufacturers like Husqvarna, Moto Guzzi, Viar motors.


This bike is designed as an aggressive styling, superb performer bike intended to be used for off- roading and entry level dirt track racing by youngsters with zeal for the pleasure of adventures riding. The rider seat is made cute in design and offers comfortable posture, the pillion rider seat made sleek in design and offer perfect posture for the young pillion rider. The dimensional features as 1780mm X 750mm X1110mm (Length X Width X Height) and wheelbase 1205mm, kerb weight of 70kg makes it easy to handle while cruising at high speed in congested roads and heavy traffic conditions. The sleek design of seats, fuel tank with a capacity of 5.5Litres and positioning of handlebar enable for the perfect posture of the rider.

Engine, economy and performance

This bike features single cylinder four stroke air cooled petrol engine with 125cc delivering the power of 7hp at 8000rpm and 7Nm at 6000rpm.The engine mated with 4-speed gearbox and chain drive connected to the rear wheel. The gearbox with one down and three up shift with easy shifter mechanism give a faster variation of speed and torque on varying conditions of the track. Starting from idling, it can reach a speed of 50kmph in a short interval of time and a maximum speed of 100kmph in standard road conditions.


The bike is designed to perform as off-roader with excellent body dynamics for easy handling over rough terrains. The rider seat and handlebar give comfortable posture and the steering angle is helpful for negotiating with sharp turns and twists over road abnormalities. The spoked wheels fitted with tyres of size 60/100 R14 for the front wheel and 80/100 R12 for rear wheels. The high ground clearance with adjustable suspension gives the rider cruise at high speeds without having to slow down drastically at track abnormalities.

Safety brakes and miscellaneous

The sporty performance of the bike is enhanced with strong backbone pipeline frame and easy to operate disc brakes with single piston hydraulic disc for both front and rear wheels. The front suspension is fitted with upside down telescopic shock absorber connected to the handlebar and the mono shock absorber connected to the frame and the linkage under the seat provide cushioning for the rider. The silencer pipe is located in safe position preventing the rider from accidental contact in case of falling down during adventures rides.


The Raptor 125 is a tough performer entry level dirt track racing bike with a good blend of power and performance and easy to handle for the young and enthusiastic riders.

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