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Husqvarna Moto Cross Review


Moto Cross is one of the basic dirt track racing bikes from Husqvarna with an excellent combination of smaller engine delivering maximum power and the lightweight features making it one of the easiest dirt track bike. The sharp responsive engine, efficient transmission and highly reliable suspension along with strong brake system and tyres make it a complete dirt track bike.


Husqvarna has introduced a wide range of motorcycles in Indonesia and the Moto Cross is the first among the dirt race bikes among the list. It is a basic dirt bike featuring comparatively smaller 85cc engine as against 150cc,250cc,350cc,450cc,500cc engines in other versions. Husqvarna has used central tube frame of molybdenum steel, disc brakes with four-pot brake caliper, 6-speed transmission as standard in this model.


The bike is designed to serve as a first choice for the enthusiastic riders entering the arena of dirt track racing. It is made light in weight with the usage of a tubular frame with chrome molybdenum. The wheelbase of 1290mm with flexibility up to 10mm makes way for adjustment according to track conditions. Seat height 855mm given for decent posture of the rider and ground clearance of 352mm assures perfect rideability over uneven conditions. The overall weight of the bike as 68kg makes is very easy to handle during the adventurous ride.

Engine, economy & performance

Moto Cross features 2- stroke single cylinder engine with 84cc capacity, connected to 6-speed claw shift gearbox through the multi-plate clutch. The final drive is connected to rear wheels through chain drive for effective transmission of power. The comparatively smaller engine and power factors limit using kick starting system for this bike and absence of electric start are a minor set- back leading to extra effort for starting the bike. There is a sharp rise in rpm and power, torque from the start which helps the rider to cross the speed of 45kmph mark very quickly and hence enables the rider to get a lead among the racing bikes. Fuel tank capacity of 5 liters and comparatively lower mileage figures serves the purpose of racing over limited range and circuits.


This to bike is very easy to handle with lightweight features and easy to steer handlebar, comfortable posture for the rider suited for the dirt track racing enable for shifting postures as desired. Steering head angle of 66 degrees allows for taking sharp turns and balanced steering during jumping over smaller distances on the uneven tracks. The Dunlop MX52 tyres designed to provide best possible grip over muddy and slippery tracks giving perfectly balanced riding.

Safety, brake and miscellaneous

The Moto Cross is light in weight and is one of the easiest dirt bikes one can take for an adventurous ride. The control system is supported with 220mm four- pot caliper disc brake at the front and 210mm two -pot caliper disc brake at the rear. Front suspension involves upside down suspension fork at the front and mono shock absorber at the rear. The smaller wheelbase and easy to steer handlebar with a firm grip and ideal positioning of the footrest and perfect positioning of the seat make it very convenient for the average youngster to ride effectively.


Moto Cross feature the basic two -stroke engine delivering best of power and supported with a lightweight frame and smart dimensional features enabling the rider for enthusiastic riding making every ride a fantastic experience.