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Husqvarna Moto Cross FC 250 Review


Husqvarna has introduced series of racing bikes in Indonesia featuring a wide range of engines from 100cc to 500cc with superior performance taking competition in dirt track racing to greater levels. In the latest series of bikes, it has launched three models FC250, FC350, FC450 featuring latest technology of engine and accessories assuring winning performance on race tracks. Husqvarna has featured electric start, hydraulic clutch, Brembo brakes and handlebar mounted map switch as standard.


The Husqvarna Moto-Cross FC250 features a lightweight yet strong frame taking all loads and vibrations of adventurous rides. The bike is specifically designed for dirt track racing and the superior quality of body dynamics favors rough and tough riding. The dimensions of the bike include the wheelbase of 1495mm with 10mm flexibility for adjusting to given track conditions. The saddle height of 992mm and excellent ground clearance of 375mm provide perfect posture for the rider and makes it convenient for usage on any tracks.The front suspensions are given with flexibility up to 300mm and rear suspension up to 317mm make it convenient for the rider to adjust according to track requirements.

Engine, Economy and Performance

In this bike, Husqvarna has used single cylinder four stroke liquid cooled 249cc engine delivering the power of 40hp. The engine is connected to wet multi-plate clutch and five-speed claw shift transmission system and the final drive connected to rear wheels through the chain link. The super smooth and quick accelerating engine can propel the bike to a top speed of 130kmph on a level road. The peak power is developed at 14000rpm and the quick development of power and torque at lower rpm make it easier to negotiate with muddy and slippery conditions. The fuel reserve capacity of 7.5L and the mileage factor varies depending upon the conditions of usage and Husqvarna recommends unleaded premium fuel for better mileage and performance factors.


The Husqvarna FC250 is designed to excel in performance with light weight features and superior performance of the 250cc engine. The quick development torque at the initial rpm enables the rider for getting a great start during racing. The new Dunlop MX52 motocross tyres that given extra strong buttons for better grip on muddy tracks and during sharp cornering. The high torque and quick development of power can be handy for to getting the surge in power for jumping over obstacles in adventurous riding.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

The bike is designed to perform on dirt tracks where the performance of the bike and safety of the rider both is equally important. The strong and light in weight guard used for protecting the engine from underbody hitting and the seat position, handlebar, rider footrest are appropriately designed for varying postures of the rider during racing. The control system involves the latest generation Brembo brakes with 260mm wave disc at front and 220mm wave disc at the rear. The seat design and the quality of seat material give best possible cushioning and changing riding postures of the rider during racing.


The FC 250 feature superior performance four stroke engine and mounted on strong and light in weight body frame and tough performer wheels and tyres making FC250 a great reliable bike for racing on a dirt track.