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Yamaha Bikes Indonesia 2020

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Currently 36 Yamaha bikes are available for sale in Indonesia. The Yamaha Nmax, Yamaha R15, Yamaha Aerox 155VVA are the most popular Yamaha bikes.

Yamaha offers 18 Scooter (Yamaha Nmax, Aerox 155VVA, Lexi, XMax, TMAX DX, Fino 125, Mio M3 125, Soul GT AKS, WR250 R, Mio S, Jupiter Z1, Vega Force, MIO Z, XRide 125, FreeGo, Aerox Connected, Nmax Connected, Gear 125), 13 Sport (Yamaha R15, R6, Vixion, R25, R1M, Byson FI, MT-09, Vixion R, MT-25, Xabre, MT-15, MT07, MT-09 2020), 1 Off Road (Yamaha WR155 R), 2 Moped (Yamaha MX King, Jupiter MX), 1 Super Sport (Yamaha R1), 1 Cafe Racer (Yamaha XSR 155) in the country. Check Yamaha bikes Loan Package Price and Cheap Installments at the nearest Yamaha bike Dealer.

Yamaha Indonesia Bikes Price List 2020

The lowest price Yamaha model is the Jupiter MX Rp 18,9 Million and the highest price model is the R1M. There are 18 Yamaha bikes available in Indonesia, check out all models November 2020 price below.

Yamaha Motorcycle Models Price List
Yamaha R15 Rp 36,08 Million
Yamaha XSR 155 Rp 36,58 Million
Yamaha R1 Rp 605 Million
Yamaha R6 Rp 270 Million
Yamaha WR155 R Rp 36,9 Million
Yamaha Vixion Rp 27,94 Million
Yamaha MX King Rp 24,08 Million
Yamaha R25 Rp 61,66 - Rp 68,12 Million
Yamaha R1M Rp 812 Million
Yamaha MT-25 Rp 55,46 Million
Yamaha Jupiter MX Rp 18,9 Million
Yamaha Byson FI Rp 22,95 Million
Yamaha MT-09 Rp 250 - Rp 325 Million
Yamaha Vixion R Rp 31,63 Million
Yamaha Xabre Rp 30,7 Million
Yamaha MT-15 Rp 36,93 Million

Yamaha Scooter Indonesia Price List 2020

Yamaha scooter prices start at Rp 15,8 Million for the most inexpensive model MIO Z and goes up to Rp 319 Million for the most expensive scooter model TMAX DX.There are 18 Yamaha scooters available in Indonesia, check out all scooter models November 2020 price below.

Yamaha Scooter Models Price
Yamaha Nmax Rp 29,75 - Rp 33,75 Million
Yamaha Aerox 155VVA Rp 24,8 - Rp 28,56 Million
Yamaha Lexi Rp 21,36 - Rp 26,96 Million
Yamaha XMax Rp 61,48 Million
Yamaha TMAX DX Rp 319 Million
Yamaha Fino 125 Rp 18,74 - Rp 19,9 Million
Yamaha Mio M3 125 Rp 16,35 - Rp 17,27 Million
Yamaha Soul GT AKS Rp 17,3 - Rp 17,8 Million
Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Rp 18,11 Million
Yamaha Vega Force Rp 16,66 Million
Yamaha WR250 R Rp 97 Million
Yamaha Mio S Rp 16,92 Million
Yamaha MIO Z Rp 15,8 Million
Yamaha XRide 125 Rp 18,69 Million
Yamaha FreeGo Rp 19,28 - Rp 23,19 Million
Yamaha Aerox Connected Rp 25,5 - Rp 29 Million
Yamaha Nmax Connected Rp 31 - Rp 33,75 Million
Yamaha Gear 125 Rp 16,75 - Rp 17,35 Million

Upcoming Yamaha Bikes Price List

Upcoming Yamaha bikes launches in Indonesia include Yamaha Cygnus X.

Yamaha Model Expected Launch Date
Yamaha Niken 01 Jan, 2021
Yamaha Cygnus X 01 Jan, 2021

Yamaha Bike Dealers

Contact your nearest dealer from 2370 authorized Yamaha bike dealers across 368 cities in Indonesia for best offers on your new bike.

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36 Yamaha Bikes Indonesia 2020

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