Electric Bikes

Electric Bike - Unlimited Fun

  • More environmentally friendly
    More environmentally friendly

    Electric motorcycles relied on batteries and electric motor to drive the wheels, without being assisted by conventional internal combustion engine of any kind.

  • Forget the petrol
    Forget the petrol

    Of course, the absence of conventional gasoline engine will bring you further from gas station. Just look for the electricity socket to recharge the battery.

  • Smoother ride
    Smoother ride

    Conventional engine vibration is often disturbing. No such thing if your motorcycle is electric. A smooth ride will be present because there is no internal movement of the machine.

Electric Bikes

Why Should You Buy Electric Motorcycles?

The excitement of electric motor bike

Easier maintenance Easier maintenance

On conventional motorcycle you will be charged routine service costs such as oil change, engine air filters, plugs and so on. It is not existing on electric-driven motorcycles. There are, some fast-moving spare parts that must be considered such as brakes, tires. Also, the battery capability will be degraded as time goes. Again, you can save money financially.

You will be praised as an environmental warrior You will be praised as an environmental warrior

By using electric motorcycles, you have contributed to cleaner air. Electric motors do not emit emissions while travelling. For the sake of our future generations, that action deserves praise.

Easier to operate Easier to operate

Yes, automatic scooters are also easy to use. Just swivel the throttle, and off we go. On electric motorcycles, the same thing also applies. Moreover, you do not need to press the starter button to turn on the machine. Just press the start button and it’s on. A smoother ride will be instantly available. When the gas is closed, it immediately generates significant deceleration effect (drag brake), without the brake lever being pull.

Videos On Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes in action

Key Components In Electric Motorcycles

What makes an electric bike work

Electric motor Electric motor

This is what will make the motorcycle move. If you like playing with an electric remote control car or Tamiya toys, it should be familiar. Only it’s bigger. The nature of electric motor is the torque that is always at the highest rate. This torque will be immediately available once the throttle is rotated.

Energy sources Energy sources

Like gasoline, the battery is the main thing that supplies power to electric motor. The strength of the motor is influenced by the battery capability usually given kWh units. The bigger, the more capable and certainly expensive. The base material can be Lithium or nickel. Battery life can be decades, but don't forget as time goes by, this ability can be reduced. But, if it is treated according to factory recommendations, durability will always be there.

Charger Charger

This is the tool that will recharge the battery. The shape can be varied and installed in a place that does provide. In addition to the public areas, usually, the manufacturer will provide a recharging tool at home. Obviously, there will be an additional electricity fee at home.

Electric motorcycle in Indonesia

In Indonesia, motorcycle with electric drive is not common. At least for the time being. Understandably, there are not much bike producer and the regulation, though introduced it is not yet being applied. Zero Motorcycle from the United States came with an electric motor in big size. It never succeeds because the price is amazingly expensive. But toward the end of 2019, when the government announces emissions-based tax regulations, motorcycle manufacturers are keen to be interested in it.

Not only a large manufacturer like Honda with PCX Electric, there is a new manufacturer such as Gesits, Indonesia’s local electric motorbike producer and Viar with Q1. The last two brands have even introduced their products long before regulation passed by President Joko Widodo.

But since electric motorcycles are a new thing, many still hesitate to use them. Example, Viar Q1. It is still used for transportation modes in the local environment such as housing complexes. In fact, as we've ever tried, Q1 is qualified to drive for daily commute. At least to go Home-Office with approximately 60 km distance.

But the most surprising breakthrough came from Honda. They officially market PCX Electric although it is limited to fleet market, and not sold publicly. But with top brands peddling such motorcycle, it doesn't take long for other manufacturers to accompany Honda, Viar and Gesits in the electric motorcycle market. United, known as the bicycle manufacturer began to see the market share of electric motorcycles. There is also MiGo scooter, which currently not available to purchase, but it is already available for rent.

  • Why are electric motorcycles regarded as environmentally friendly technology?

    Because it does not use a machine with internal combustion (internally combustion engine) that emit exhaust emissions of the combustion process that drives the piston, to run the motor.

  • How long it take to recharge on electric motorcycle?

    Depending on battery capacity and the ability of the recharging device. Currently, the fastest is 30 minutes. But the producers are committed to develop technologies to trim the recharge time.

  • Why electric motorcycles cannot be mass-produced in Indonesia

    Due to various things. Starting from government regulations on electric vehicles, production equipment readiness, availability of infrastructure. And let’s not forget the education of vehicle electrification, which is still not sufficient.

  • Does the electric motorcycle use oil

    No. Though there are some other fluids it uses. Example, the cooling system to cool the battery and the electric drive.

  • Is Indonesia ready to accept electric motorcycle presence?

    Sure. It’s getting there. Government Regulation (PP) No 73 year 2019 has been published since October 2019. Automotive producers and related government agencies were given up to 2021 to prepare everything. At that time, the PP 73 came into effect.

  • What does the tax scheme do?

    PPnBM for electric-driven vehicles is 15 percent on the basis of the zero percent imposition tax on the selling price. It complies with government regulation No. 73 of 2019, which will be implemented in 16 October 2021.