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    • 3799 cc, Petrol, 14.3


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570S Color Options

  • Drak Yellow

  • Yellowish

  • White Silica

  • Silver Metallic

  • Red

  • Pacific

  • Orange

  • Orange Metallic

  • Off White

  • Mclaren Orange Metallic

  • Icey Silver

  • Grey

  • Green

  • Bourbon Black

  • Blue Metallic

  • Black

  • Black Oynx

Mclaren 570S Review


Born out of passion, dedicated towards sports and built to defeat. The McLaren 570S is the latest astonishing innovation from the worshipped British sports car specialist- McLaren. A agile sporty beast is a prompt sports car that marks its debut at the International Auto Show in 2015. With the introduction of this car the company expects a triple sales gain by the year 2020. The car is injected with the same sporty spirit as its siblings with a futuristic touch given to it in the form of the advanced technologies. The exterior designing of the car is purely captivating in each aspect. The jaw-dropping looks that the coupe features is accentuated further with the slippery aerodynamics injected in its design. Years of dedication has resulted in the soul 3799 cc V8 engine that pours life down the veins of this beautiful piece of functional art. The engine is designed with utter perfection and refinement to extract a power output of 570 PS at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 600Nm between 5000-6500 rpm. Collectively with the silky-smooth 7-speed Seamless shift transmission this engine projects the sporty dynamically to establish a speed of 100km/h from naught in an enthralling 3.2 seconds. Get a seat in the car and feel the ultra-perceptible pleasure of each drive owing to the expert styling of the cabins. The driver of the car is gifted with a purely ergonomical and intuitive cabins, which offers him a large feast of authority. Along with this the cabins also features a luxurious amount of comfort. These interiors are made safe too with an extensive list of safety features. The car features a stable and dependable handling assistance by the Electronic Parking Brake, cruise control, Acceleration Skid Control (ASC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution). 

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The refinement injected in the engine's DNA in the form of technologies like twin-turbo charging helps it in displaying the dynamic power values but increases the fuel consumption value to 10.8 kmpl.


The enthralling dynamism displayed by the car is a result of the concentrated potential energy capsuled in it in the form of its engine. The fitted 3799cc V8 engine, helps the furious car to display its sportiness unmistakably by churning out a maximum power output of 570 PS at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 600Nm between 5000-6500 rpm. This surely means 'dynamic'.

Acceleration and pickup

All your dynamic desires can surely find a way to satisfaction with the concentrated power pumped in the car. The precisely-engineered powerplant in collaboration with the 7-speed transmission Seamless Shift dual Gearbox (SSG) gives the sports car an ability to sprint dynamically from 100kmph of speed from rest in not more than 3.2 seconds, with full throttle unleashed.


Stylishness and spontaneity injected in this supercar could not have been explained more beautifully than its divinely aerodynamic exterior design. The carbon fibre body architecture that was introduced in Formula 1 by the well talked about McLaren comes in its 2nd generation MonoCell II for this sports. The car's remarkable styling just cannot be resisted. Owing to the features like an sleek air-slicing bonnet bend, the lower wide air vents that particularly hint the power lurking behind them and the sharp and dazzling headlights with daytime running LED's the car fetches an breath taking front look. The striking side profile of the car with the imposing side air intakes at the end of the air passages and the distinctive door opening mechanism adds a jaw dropping fascination to the car. The particularly sporty rear design of the car is added functionality with the exclusive rear lamps that boundaries the rear vents and the expressive and functional rear spoilers.

Exterior Measurements

The dynamic capabilities of the car are a function of its super-low and road-hugging wide body structure that is crafted upon the dimensions reading- 4530mm x 2095mm x 1202mm (L x W x H).


Just sit in the sports car and feel the adrenaline rush that rushes down your veins with the sportiness that gets its way in the cockpit of the car. Sitting in this desirable car was never less than a beautiful dream and with this supercar the dream seems all the more perceptible. The car flaunts a purely ergonomical driver's cabin with authority at its peak owing to the attributes like the soul intuitive TFT instrument display, 7-inch touchscreen with IRIS infotainment system and navigation, 3-spoke sports steering with gear shifter that features a little shift from the exact round shape and lets you feel the pleasure of responsiveness. Along with this the craftsmanship that runs all over the inlays, center console and door panels and the soothing interior lighting gives the interiors a delightful ambience.

Interior Comfort

The interior designers of the car has wholeheartedly dedicated all their creativity to fetch all the possible comfort and convenience for the occupants of the car. The cabins has no priority greater than the comfort of its passengers, this is evident by the royal luxury poured in the car interiors. Live the calmness poured in the cabins and melt in the large finest Nappa leather-wrapped ultra-comfortable bucket seats with electric height and angle adjustments according to your convenience. The luxury employed in the artistically crafted interiors is further accentuated by the ultra-clear 4-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system that lets you enjoy the real essence of your favourite genres.

Interior Measurements

The luxury the cabins features is made all the more impressive with a comfortable head and leg room for the occupants and a tense yet decent boot capacity measuring 150 litres, which is just sufficient to carry your basic amenities along with you.

Engine and Performance

The beguiling sportscar gulps down power poured to it by the perfectly engineered 3799 cc V8 engine, that employs the twin-turbo charging technology to generate a This well-refined power plant hugs a 'Touchtronic III' 8-speed transmission and pushes the piston dynamically to churn out a maximum power output of 570 PS at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 600Nm between 5000-6500 rpm. This engine hugs the precise 7-speed Seamless shift transmission that catapults projects the sporty with a speed of 100kmph from a stand-still in an enthralling 3.2 seconds.

Stereo and Accessories

The luxury poured in the cabins of the car could not have been this impressive without the feast of entertainment blended with it. The car features the captivating 1280-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system with 4-speakers that lets you enjoy the real essence of your favourite genres. Along with this the car enjoys a 7-inch touch screen compatible with McLaren IRIS, satellite navigation, Bluetooth telephone connection and audio streaming, WiFi tethering, voice activation and DAB or SiRUS radio. The all-new TFT LCD instrument cluster adds to the list.


Coming over to the shoes of the exquisite supercar wearing which it explores the roads is the spectacular 19-inch front and 20-inch rear alloy wheel designs. These wheels promises you a highly dependable operation with a desired road-hugging experience and are covered with the high-grip Pirelli P ZERO Corsa 225/35/R19 front tyres and rear tyres with dimensions 285/35/R20.

Braking and Handling

The enraged dynamism poured in the sporty car is kept well in controls with the installed stability and braking controls. The car displays an efficient braking system, which consists of four wheel carbon-ceramic disc brakes assisted by Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution). While, the car body is supported on a suspension system consisting of double wishbone suspension system compatible with adaptive damping system, that alters its ride parameter according to the track condition. Other than this the precise handling of the car is a product of the ABS, Traction control, ESC and Launch control.

Safety and Security

Each part of the supercar is a perfect example of engineering, and when it comes to the safety of its honourable occupants the car does not take the slightest of risks. The purely light and undoubtedly strong body of the car is precisely engineered to serve an unbeatable dynamism and ultra-sound strength. The completely recalibrated Electronic Stability Control employed in the car keeps a precise track of over-steer and under-steer in all the three 'Normal', 'Sport' and 'Track' mode by using the instantaneous information from the sensors. Along with the car employs the traction control and launch control system and the basic safety features like the front, side and rear airbags and pre-tensioner seat belts.


  • Solemnly striking and aerodynamic exterior styling
  • Unmatched dynamism
  • Precisely responsive handling


  • Tense cargo space
  • High maintenance and price