Electric Cars

Electric Cars - New Kind Of Excitement

  • Cost of ownership is cheaper
    Cost of ownership is cheaper

    Using electric cars means no need to buy fuel anymore. The expense will certainly switch to the use of electricity as the main energy. There is no need to rely on a quality fuel that costs more and fluctuates.

  • Maintenance

    Mechanical component in electric cars are much different from conventional cars. Some components which usually must get regular maintenance, no longer needed.

  • Better for the Environment
    Better for the Environment

    Electric cars do not produce exhaust emissions. Unlike conventional machines that emit residual combustion substances from fossil fuel. Obviously, very environmentally friendly.

Electric Cars

Why switch to electric cars

Who drives an electric car

Healthier Healthier

If most car owners switched to electric cars, the air quality will be better. The impacts are, of course, to the surrounding environment and health. Various diseases commonly caused by pollution is also drastically reduced.

Forget About Fuel Forget About Fuel

Monetary spending can be reduced when using electric cars. Ranging from fuel costs, vehicle taxes to maintenance. No need to stop by at the refueling station. Charging the battery can be done at home, by using daily electricity. More practical no need to waste time queuing at the gas station.

Sustainable Energy Sustainable Energy

Petroleum will eventually be exhausted. With electric cars, the use of this fossil fuel can be drastically reduced. Oil reserves level will always maintained.

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Key Components In Electric Cars

What makes an electric car work

Battery Battery

Battery is the main energy source in electric cars. Recharge can be done through a house electricity or a special charging station. Some types of batteries used are: Lithium-ion, Lead Acid and Nickel Metal Hydride.

Electric Motor Electric Motor

Motor function will transmit power to wheels. The resulting outputs also vary according to the specifications that the manufacturer wants to achieve. Electrical motor prowess in electric cars, generating large torque without being affected by engine rounds. Hence the average electric car has a pull that exceeds conventional cars.

Charger Charger

Charging electric cars is the same as charging the Smartphone battery. It takes a special adaptor to connect with a power source. The tool is available as one package when buying an electric car, or sold separately.

Electric cars in Indonesia

Electric four-wheeled vehicles are not new in Indonesia. It's just that nobody dares to seriously sell it. Usually, limited for the exhibition. Hopefully, government regulation that imposes tax based on emissions, which was introduced in October 2019, will trigger producers to expand their production into electric vehicle.

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Wuling, DFSK welcomed the regulations. Although, for the beginning, they prefer to play safe in the first time by presenting hybrid cars (electric motor coupled with ordinary machine).

  • Why is electric car considered environmentally friendly?

    Because it does not use conventional engine that emit exhaust emissions from the combustion process that drives the piston, to run the car.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    Depending on battery capacity and the capability of the charger device. Currently, the fastest charger is 30 minutes to reach 80 percent of capacity. But the producers are committed to trim the recharge time in the future.

  • Why electric cars cannot be mass-produced in Indonesia

    Due to various things. Starting from government regulations on electric vehicles, production equipment readiness, availability of infrastructure to support electric cars are still scarce. And the most important thing is, Indonesia is still not familiar with vehicle electrification. This will soon change due to government push the automotive industry toward electrification.

  • Does the electric car use oil?

    No. Though there are some fluids required as the cooling system, necessary to cool the battery and the main motor.

  • Is Indonesia ready to receive electric car presence?

    Sure. Government Regulation No 73 of 2019 has been published since October 2019. Automotive producers and related government agencies were given up to 2021 to prepare everything. At that time, the PP 73 came into effect

  • What does the tax scheme do?

    PPnBM for electric-driven vehicles is 15 percent based on the imposition of zero percent tax on the selling price. It complies with government regulation No. 73 of 2019, which is in full force on 16 October 2021