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Currently 9 Daihatsu cars are available for sale in Indonesia. The Daihatsu Ayla, Daihatsu Terios, Daihatsu Sigra are the most popular Daihatsu cars.

Daihatsu offers 2 MPV (Daihatsu Sigra, Xenia), 2 SUV (Daihatsu Terios, Rocky), 1 Crossover (Daihatsu Terios), 2 Hatchback (Daihatsu Ayla, Sirion), 2 Van (Daihatsu Luxio, Gran Max MB) in the country. Check Daihatsu cars Loan Package Price and Cheap Installments at the nearest Daihatsu car Dealer.

Daihatsu Indonesia Cars Price List 2023

The lowest price Daihatsu model is the Sigra Rp 133 Million and the highest price model is the Terios. There are 61 Daihatsu cars available in Indonesia, check out all models Maret 2023 price below.

Daihatsu Models Price List
Daihatsu Ayla Rp 134 - 189,9 Million
Daihatsu Terios Rp 233,55 - 288,65 Million
Daihatsu Sigra Rp 133 - 178,6 Million
Daihatsu Xenia Rp 218,15 - 273,85 Million
Daihatsu Rocky Rp 206,45 - 271,35 Million
Daihatsu Gran Max PU Rp 155,75 - 185,95 Million
Daihatsu Luxio Rp 230,45 - 261,75 Million
Daihatsu Sirion Rp 228,85 - 238,05 Million
Daihatsu Gran Max MB Rp 168,1 - 219,05 Million

Daihatsu Indonesia Line-up

Daihatsu MPV Daihatsu Sigra, Xenia
Daihatsu SUV Daihatsu Terios, Rocky
Daihatsu Crossover Daihatsu Terios
Daihatsu Hatchback Daihatsu Ayla, Sirion
Daihatsu Van Daihatsu Luxio, Gran Max MB

Daihatsu Car Dealers

Contact your nearest dealer from 255 authorized Daihatsu car dealers across 107 cities in Indonesia for best offers on your new car.

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