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Currently 6 DFSK cars are available for sale in Indonesia. The DFSK Supercab, DFSK Glory 560, DFSK Gelora are the most popular DFSK cars.

DFSK offers 1 MPV (DFSK Supercab), 2 SUV (DFSK Glory 560, Glory i-Auto), 1 Hatchback (DFSK Seres E1), 1 Minivans (DFSK Gelora Electric), 1 Van (DFSK Gelora) in the country. Check DFSK cars Loan Package Price and Cheap Installments at the nearest DFSK car Dealer.

DFSK Indonesia Cars Price List 2024

The lowest price DFSK model is the Supercab Rp 153,5 Million and the highest price model is the Gelora Electric. There are 13 DFSK cars available in Indonesia, check out all models Maret 2024 price below.

DFSK Models Price List
DFSK Supercab Rp 153,5 Million
DFSK Glory 560 Rp 203,9 - 275,9 Million
DFSK Gelora Rp 175 - 201,9 Million
DFSK Seres E1 Rp 189 - 219 Million
DFSK Glory i-Auto Rp 365,2 Million
DFSK Gelora Electric Rp 350 - 399 Million

Upcoming DFSK Cars Price List

Upcoming DFSK cars launches in Indonesia include DFSK Mini EV.

DFSK Model Expected Launch Date
DFSK Glory E3 Mar, 2024
DFSK Seres 3 Apr, 2024
DFSK Mini EV Apr, 2024
DFSK Glory i-Auto 2024 Mei, 2024

DFSK Indonesia Line-up

DFSK SUV DFSK Glory 560, Glory i-Auto
DFSK Hatchback DFSK Seres E1
DFSK Minivans DFSK Gelora Electric
DFSK Van DFSK Gelora

DFSK Car Dealers

Contact your nearest dealer from 50 authorized DFSK car dealers across 29 cities in Indonesia for best offers on your new car.

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