Popular Cars in Indonesia

  • Toyota Calya
  • Daihatsu Sigra
  • Toyota Sienta

    Toyota Sienta

    With its launch scheduled in July 2016, the Toyota Sienta is yet another subcompact MPV for the Indonesian market. Despite the automotive world focusing on the development and marketing of Sports Utility Vehicles and Crossover segment of cars, Indonesian market has a higher demand for minivan type vehicles. The market too, is quite a turbulent one as it is currently plagued by the continua...... Read More

  • Toyota Kijang Innova

    Toyota Kijang Innova

    The Japanese automaker Toyota is well known for its sumptuous and power packed drives all across the world. Talking about the Indonesia alone, Toyota has been the most liked auto brand among Indonesians. The manufacturer launched its Kijang Innova in the year 2004 for the first time and has given modifications and updations on time to time to keep this flagship model lead the fleet. Now,...... Read More

  • Toyota Fortuner

    Toyota Fortuner

    With close to 8 decades of experience in the automobile manufacturing, Toyota knows the necessity of the customers and so it has been creating vehicles which can accomplish the needs very well. Toyota is known for designing and building sumptuous vehicles while employing cutting edge technology in them. The company launched its Fortuner in the year 2005 with a rugged and robust look to o...... Read More

  • Honda Brio

    Honda Brio

    Honda is known for its technology-driven cars which are robust in design and offer the best of safety and comfort features. With the introduction of Brio hatchback, Honda seems to have achieved all the above said traits under a small package which looks exciting and very practical. Since its introduction in 2011, Brio has been seen as a sporty hatchback yet in reach of the average citize...... Read More

  • Toyota Agya

    Toyota Agya

    Toyota has maintained its place in the top companies of the world by revenue in the past decades, and the company summarizes the success in one word – Quality. The story of Agya their new small hatchback which hit the roads in Indonesia is no different. Designed by the Japanese Daihatsu Motors, Agya shares the same badge as Daihatsu Ayla in Indonesia. Despite being a dedicated hatchback, b...... Read More

  • Toyota Avanza

    Toyota Avanza

    The current ASEAN market seems to be focusing heavily on the multi-utility segment with new MPVs rolling out every month, Toyota Avanza, the entry level MPV designed specifically for city operations remains an unprecedented favorite coming at an unbeatable price. Versatility is a trump card when it comes to buying a car, and Toyota Avanza uses this need of the people to play to its advan...... Read More

  • Honda BR-V
  • Honda Mobilio

    Honda Mobilio

    The Japanese automaker Honda has been known for its long and exclusive range of car's which greatly appeals the buyers with their competitive price. One of these cars is the Honda Mobilio, which is a seven-seater mini MPV and was first produced by the Japanese automaker Honda in 2001. The car was revived again in 2013 with major changes and was based on the Honda Brio platform and there wa...... Read More