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Rp 88,8 - 129,1 million*
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    Petrol Variants
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 88,8 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 101 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 105,3 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 112,6 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 114,3 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 116,2 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 119,9 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 120 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 121,7 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 125,3 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 129 million*
    • 998 cc, Petrol
      Rp 129,1 million*


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Ayla Color Options

  • Simaran-Blue

  • Ultra-black-solid

  • Red-solid

  • Light-blue-metallic

  • Icy-white-solid

  • Dark-grey-metallic

  • Classic-silver-metallic

Daihatsu Ayla Review


Daihatsu has maintained a firm hold on the Indonesian market thanks to its recent cars like Xenia. Ayla is another one straight out of Daihatsu’s stable. The manufacturer saw the vast demand for economical cars in the Indonesian market and decided to introduce the compact Ayla. Ayla is a small city car with enough power under the hood to compete with other low-cost cars and can still offer good value for money.Also sold under the name Agya by Toyota, the car, first announced and showed at the 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show, comes in 4 different variants, namely- D, D+, M and X. All 4 options come with a 5-speed manual transmission box while the M and X versions of the Ayla also have an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. The D version lacks all the essential features including air conditioner and airbags. The M and X models come equipped with power steering, power windows and central locking. All the higher models also include a MID (multi-information display), power steering, central locking, and stereo system with two rear speakers and also power windows that are seen missing from the D model.In 2013 alone, Daihatsu sold more than 180,000 units of Ayla in Indonesia. The same car was rebranded as Toyota Wigo and launched in Philippines recently. The Ayla comes with a 1.0 litre 1KR-DE three-cylinder engine churning out a total of 65 PS of peak power @6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.7 Kg-m @3600 rpm. Ayla is a compact, and inexpensive hatchback suitable for in-city commutes that is categorised as an LCGC (Low cost Green Car).The top end M and X variants of the Daihatsu Ayla with all their features, low price and great fuel economy are one of the best options out there in the market right now for people looking for good, compact and economical cars.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

One of the conditions a car has to meet to be categorized as LCGC is “Fuel efficiency of at least 20 kmpl”. And Ayla lives up to these standards. The Daihatsu Ayla comes with a 1-litre engine which easily gives you a mileage of more than 16 kmpl while driving inside the city and about 20 kmpl when on the express way. Also, the large fuel tank of 33 litres ensures that you don’t have to make frequent refill stops. This high mileage and low fuel economy are due to the light weight and compact body design of the Daihatsu Ayla.


The compact hatchback by Daihatsu is fuelled by a 1-litre 998 cc 1KR-FE three-cylinder which churns out an output of 65 PS at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.7 Nm @3600 rpm. The 1-litre engine featured in the segment is one of least powerful in the category. The engine performs surprisingly well under normal city conditions, even though it packs only 998 cc. This is all due to the very low empty weight of 765 kg, the small dimensions and the right gear ratio. The engine packs enough punch that you won’t feel the car lacking during your daily city commutes.

Acceleration and pick-up

Coming to acceleration, the Daihatsu Ayla powered by a 1.0-litre engine is not your race track car which can give an adrenaline packed drive but it performs marginally good as compared to other vehicles in this category. The Ayla takes more than 15 seconds to touch the 100 kmph mark and feels sluggish at higher speed. The five-speed manual gearbox makes the car fun to drive, and you won’t have to downshift the car frequently when travelling inside the city.


The car looks very similar to the other offering by Toyota; the Agya. Looking at it from the front, the first thing that catches your attention is the new dynamic bumper with a chrome grille which looks very appealing.  The large multi reflector headlamps dominate the front of the car while the fog lamps with chrome ring add to the aesthetic value.  The car doors and the side body moulding of the Ayla are made up of chrome that feel a little “more plastic” than they should be. The top end variants of the Daihatsu Ayla also come equipped with alloy wheels and a rear wiper. The rear of the car also looks good, thanks to the high mounted stop lamp and the tail lights.

Exterior Measurement

This 5-door compact hatchback measures around 3,600 mm in length and 1,600 mm in width that leads to easy manoeuvrability in city traffic.  The car stands tall at a height of 1,520 mm. Ayla has a decent ground clearance of 180mm so that the bumpers and the occasional potholes won’t be much of a nuisance.  Also, the car has a decent turning radius of 4.4 m, which make your commutes all the easier.


Even though the Ayla looks small from the outside (and indeed its dimensions are smaller compared to other cars in the same class), but it has a spacious cabin. Even tall and bulky people won’t find it difficult to drive this car. The dashboard looks appealing with its black-silver colour combination and doesn’t seem outdated. The top end variants of the car come with power windows, central locking and a stereo system too. The position of the dashboard is a little awkward and a bit too far away from the windshield that might cause a little problem to shorter drivers, as the Ayla doesn’t come with an adjustable seat.The air conditioner comes in all the models except the lowest variant, D.The higher variants of Ayla come equipped with a MID ( multi-information display) alongside the backlit metre combination. Carrying five people around the city is a hassle free task for the Daihatsu Ayla.

Interior comfort

The Daihatsu Ayla is marketed as an inexpensive, nuclear-family, city car. It is convenient to drive around the city. Ayla has comparatively soft suspension. There were no significant shocks when the Ayla faces the occasional potholes and bumps.But when out on the highway, the car doesn’t feel as stable because of the soft suspension and the lightweight of the car, especially at high speeds. Even though Ayla is an inexpensive compact car, the rear seats have headrests along with hand rests engraved on the door.

Interior measurements

The Daihatsu Ayla fairs decently when it comes to interior space, considering the fact that it is a compact hatchback. The Ayla can pack stuff up to 260 litres in volume in its boot and can easily accommodate upto four standard travel bags.

Engine and performance

The Daihatsu Ayla’s 1 litre 998 cc engine is a good performer and churns out an output of 65 PS at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.7 Kg-m @3600 rpm. The engine is an average performer though thanks to the light weight of the car, it performs surprisingly well. On the highway, the car felt unstable and underpowered especially after touching the 100kmph mark. The only problem, Daihatsu Ayla faces is because of its light weight of 764 kg due to which the car does not feel stable at high speed. Overall the Daihatsu Ayla is a decent city car which could be occasionally taken to the highways.

Stereo and Accessories

Aimed to be a family compact car, Daihatsu has vehemently put its efforts into making the Ayla the top choice for families on a budget and yet get most out of their buck. The Daihatsu Ayla comes with a 1 DIN audio system along with 2 speakers for the initial D+ variant whereas the D variant misses an audio system. The top of the line X variant is equipped with a 2 DIN Integrated Audio system CD, MP3 and USB with 4 speakers to enjoy your quality time while on the drive.


All variants of the Ayla come with standard 13 inch wheels except for the X variant which is upgraded to a 14 inch Alloy wheel option. The tire size for the wheels is 155/80 R13 whereas for the X vairant tyre size measures upto 175/65 R14.

Braking and Handling

Daihatsu Ayla is a compact car ideal for travelling around the city. Thanks to its smaller size,  the Ayla handles roadblocks well. The car also has a very small turning radius of 4.4 m that makes it easy to drive in the city traffic. The top end variants of the Ayla also come equipped with electrically powered steering that make Ayla an easy drive. The Daihatsu Ayla comes with an efficient braking system. The front/rear combination of disc/drum works perfectly.

Safety and security

The Daihatsu Ayla lack the basic safety features such as ABS and airbags. However being a small compact city car, these features are not included by the manufacturer.


  • High mileage and fuel efficient
  • Spacious interiors
  • Inexpensive
  • Spare parts can be easily found all across the Indonesia


  • Lacks safety features
  • The lowest model, D, lacks many basic features like AC
  • Lightweight body that leads to decrease in the stability of the car

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