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Rp 157,5 - 211,6 million*
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    Petrol Variants
    • 989 cc, Petrol
      Rp 157,5 million*
    • 989 cc, Petrol
      Rp 164,5 million*
    • 989 cc, Petrol
      Rp 170,7 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 176,5 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 181,3 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 187,4 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 191,7 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 192,2 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 200,6 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 203,6 million*
    • 1329 cc, Petrol
      Rp 211,6 million*


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Xenia Color Options

  • Brown

  • Nebulla-blue-metallic

  • Midnight-black-metallic

  • Icy-white

  • Exotic-beige-metallic

  • Dark-red-metallic

  • Dark-grey-metallic

  • Dark-brown-metallic

  • Classic-silver--metallic

Daihatsu Xenia Review


Daihatsu has been producing some reliable cars for some time now. The Daihatsu Xenia is no different. “Xenia” in the Greek language means hospitality, which is nothing less than what this car aims to provide. Ever since the time Xenia was launched in Indonesia, it has been living up to the name of a fantastic seven seater multi-purpose-vehicle. Xenia has been bearing its name of a ‘family’ car and has carved out a niche for itself in the market. Although having close competitors, the Xenia is competitively priced and always goes the extra mile to keep its customers happy. Daihatsu in Indonesia has five different variants for the Xenia, namely D, M, X, RM/T, RA/T offering customers the additional flexibility of choosing one that suits their needs. Daihatsu under an agreement with Toyota manufactures and supplies to Toyota which is further sold under the name Avanza. The Xenia available in Indonesia offers only petrol engine with two outputs of 989cc and 1298 cc i.e. 1.0-litre and a 1.3-litre respectively. The 1.3-litre petrol engine housed under the hood of the Xenia, produces a maximum power of 92 PS @6000 rpm. Whereas, its smaller sibling powered by a 1.0-litre engine at 989 cc churns out a total of 63 PS of power @5600 rpm The new Xenia incorporates a lot of elegant looking chrome details to the front grille and the side making it look very stylish and the perfect car for a family. With the colored outdoor rearview mirror lending a real aerodynamic touch to this four-wheeler, the Xenia truly stands a class apart.If looked at through the eye that has a penchant for detail, the exteriors and the interiors of the Xenia seem very thoughtfully designed keeping the ‘family’ car in mind. Right from the center cluster to the beige upholstery, it has been carefully planned out to give the passengers a mix of luxury, efficiency, and elegance. With the centrally mounted entertainment unit, the long rides with family will never happen without the fun element. The Daihatsu Xenia comes across as a decent performer when it comes to safety with dual airbags and robust safety offerings.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The Daihatsu Xenia 1.3-litre boasts an overall mileage of 13.2 kmpl if driven under standard conditions thanks to the electronic fuel injection whereas the 1.0-litre engine variant can deliver a mileage of close to 14.0 km/l. The Double Overhead Camshaft valve configuration helps in managing the fuel economy of the Xenia thus making it more efficient. The Daihatsu Xenia can hold a maximum of 45 liters fuel in one go which ensures that you need not frequently stop for fuel top-ups.


This multi-utility vehicle powered by a 1.3-litre engine tuned in a DOHC configuration, gives 1298 cc of displacement. The four cylinders in the K3-VE engine churns out a maximum power of 92 PS @6000 rpm. The maximum torque in the Xenia R-A/T Attiva is 116 Nm @4400 rpm. Whereas, its smaller sibling powered by a 1.0-litre engine at 989 cc churns out a total of 63 PS of power @5600 rpm and a maximum torque of 90 Nm @3600 rpm ideal for city driving without changing many gears.

Acceleration and pick-up

When it comes to acceleration, the Xenia powered by 1.3-litre reaches the speed of 100 kmph in 15.2 seconds. It is a bit slow especially if you compare it to the Avanza 1.3G AT which does the same at 14.9 seconds.As for its lighter sibling powered by 1.0-litre engine which clocks 100 kmph from a halt in under 19 seconds. The maximum speed can be pegged at an 170kmph. But to reach this speed, the response of the engine seems very low in the fourth gear. The four-speed automatic transmission, however, is a major setback on the Xenia with cars in the similar range offering 5-speed. However, with the total weight of the vehicle at 1585kgs, it is advisable not to rush this machine especially when loaded with passengers.


The exteriors of the Xenia has been carefully crafted by Daihatsu to maintain the elegant look. The curved front grille with chrome accents lends a very distinct look to the vehicle as a whole. Aerodynamics is one aspect where Daihatsu has laid a lot of emphasis. With the curved edges and accents, they aim to improve the fuel efficiency and the handling capabilities without compromising on the looks.After a market study conducted in Indonesia, Daihatsu designed and incorporated a full bonnet and not a semi one with just the radiator. The headlamps on the front comprise of a multi-reflector headlamp, round bright fog lamps and turn indicators. The fog lights are strategically placed on the bumper to ensure maximum visibility during foggy and rainy situations. The major plus point in the Daihatsu Xenia is the inclusion of a rear wiper which comes handy under unfavourable weather conditions. The rear lights are also dynamically designed to ensure maximum visibility. On examining the bumper, one can find parking sensors that are embedded very subtly in the rear bumper.

Exterior Measurement

The seven-seater Xenia measures 4140mm in length and 1660mm in width excluding the side mirrors. However, the first two variants i.e. D and M stands tall measuring 1685mm in height whereas the other three variants are a notch taller at 1695mm making it rise over other vehicles when parked in a parking lot. The ground clearance is decent and is pegged at 200mm for the top three variants and 190 mm for the starting two variants making it easy to go on those speed breakers and indulge in mild off-roading.


The interiors of Xenia are broad and spacious enough to accommodate seven passengers comfortably. This large space can be attributed to the door trims which are thinner, leaving you with a lot of space. The interiors on the Xenia are primarily made up of plastic. However, owing to the kind of material used, it lends a very up-market feel. The majority of the upholstery is done using a dual tone colour of black and beige. The dashboard has a unique shape and design using the combinations of dark grey and beige. The instrument cluster in the centre gets all the attention for its rich black finish making it very elegant and luxurious. The power window console and the area surrounding the gear lever have also been done in black matching with the instrument cluster. Another unique element, Daihatsu implemented on the Xenia is the AC vents on the dashboard. The ‘double-blower’ feature used in the AC vents claims that it facilitates the flow of cold air to the rear cabin. The Xenia also boasts of a decent audio system. The audio system allows you to connect your iPod, smart phone or play media through Bluetooth technology. The stock music player also supports an AUX port. This experience is complemented by a touch screen that can also be used for viewing the feed from the camera situated on the rear bumper when the gear is in reverse mode. The USB ports are intelligently placed near the glove compartment ensuring hassle free movement.

Interior comfort

The seating has been done in the color scheme mentioned above, but there is a lack of comfort in the seats. This can be reasoned by the fact that Daihatsu used thinner foam in the back support of the seats to create more space. The seats can be folded with ease with the help of the ‘One-Touch-Tumble” button which automatically folds the seat into the 50:50 configuration and can be further moved by 60 mm. Storage space on each door allows passengers to store 3-4 bottles easily. In addition to that, there is also a container storage in the centre console.

Engine and performance

Under the hood of the Xenia, one can find the K3-VE, which has a capacity of 1298 cc. The four cylinders in the K3-VE engine churns out a maximum power of 92 PS @6000 rpm. The maximum torque in the Xenia R-A/T Attiva is 116 Nm @4400 rpm. Whereas, its smaller sibling powered by a 1.0-litre engine at 989 cc churns out a total of 63 PS of power @5600 rpm and a maximum torque of 90 Nm @3600 rpm ideal for city driving without changing many gears. Performance of Xenia is pretty average when compared to other car variants available in the market which can offer you a much better drive.

Braking and Handling

The Daihatsu Xenia comes with a very efficient braking system. The front brakes are loaded with disc brakes while the rear uses a drum brake. The braking system lies in tandem with the suspension of the Xenia making the ride smoother and safer. The MacPherson Strut with Coil Spring & Stabiliser in the front and the 4-link suspension with coil spring and lateral rod aids the Xenia in tiding over those potholes with absolute ease.

Safety and security

Unfortunately, although Xenia is ideal for families, it is only equipped with safety features such as seatbelts in all rows of passengers, and front disc brakes, but without ABS (Antilock Braking System). Without the ABS, one can end up in a compromising situation as this could be a major setback when it comes to the safety of this MPV.


  • Economical MPV
  • Spacious interiors
  • Fancy instrument cluster


  • Safety concern Lacks ABS
  • Four-speed automatic gearbox is outdated

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