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    Petrol Variants
    • 5935 cc, Petrol, 9.8
    • 5935 cc, Petrol, 9.8
    • GT
      5935 cc, Petrol, 9.8


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Vanquish Color Options

  • Blue

  • Morning-frost-white

  • Midnight-blue

  • Meteorite-silver

  • Marron-black

  • Mariana-blue

  • Mako-blue

  • Madagascar-orange

  • Lightning-silver

  • Kopi-bronze

  • Jet-black

  • Hardly-green

  • Hammerhead-silver

  • Greybull

  • Divine-red

  • Diavolo-red

  • Concours-blue

  • Cobalt-blue

  • China-grey

  • Arizona-bronze

  • Apple-tree-green

Aston Martin Vanquish Review


Being the all time favorite of every car enthusiast, this elite British marque dates back its history since 1913. Almost a century has passed since its inception and still there is no sign of halt to its success rate. Adding up another drive under its faming list, the brand is out with the new Aston Martin Vanquish. Recognized as successor to the aging Virage range, this grand tourer made its debut at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show. After some decent mutations done in design as well as performance perspective, this new speedy drive has come with an even more brutal look performance compared to its past models. With elegant design, the carbon fiber bonded VH body structure of the car holds proportioned body trims that imparts a sense of nobility to the model. Traditional Aston radiator grille and wide open air intakes allows the car to transport ample air to the engine bay. High intensity headlamps are nicely jeweled to the fascia, which illuminates even the deepest darkened areas. Air vents chiseled to the fender area allows the ample transport of air for cooling the core. Broad wheel arches and dynamic body lines unifying the vents imparts a sense of masculinity to the sporty drive. Conveying perfect harmony to the interior, the cockpit of the car comes loaded with some decent trims, that marks the traditional plush look, that the brand adds to its every model. Sporty essence driving comes from the trendy design of the steering wheel and electronically adjustable seats. Bang and Olufsen Beosound system of the car comes with 13 high performance speakers, that makes you feel sitting in a concert hall. 6.5-inch LCD display of the car incorporates satellite navigation system, that allows you to escape tight traffic areas.Booming sound of the car is the production from the mighty V12 which holds an engine capacity of 5935cc. Offering a limitless power factor, the car grunts a maximum power of 568 BHP at 6650 rpm. On the other hand, the robust power train of the car is availed with a peak torque of 630 Nm at 5500 rpm. Offering such a staggering performance, the car hits a speed of 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and at the same time it rev up to a top speed of 201 km/h. Anti-lock braking system and electronic brakeforce distribution equipped in the car offers precise amount of braking pressure to each wheel, thus maintaining the braking performance of the drive even at critically high speeds. Traction control system of the car maintains proper grip of the tyre and the tarmac through precise coordination of the engine torque and suspension. Tyre pressure monitoring system of the car alerts the driver if it detects loss of pressure in the tyre. Aluminum composite high-strength body structure and efficient airbag ensures ample safety of the vehicle during the event of crash.

Mileage and Fuel economy

Produced at bespoke engine facility, the newly engineered power unit of the Vanquish debuts dual variable valve timing technology, which alters the valve timing according to the load condition, hence offering a decent economic figure. With enlarged throttle bodies, there is ample gasping of air to the chamber area, owing to these facts, the Vanquish delivers a combined mileage figure measuring 7.8 km/L.


With breakthrough engine technology, the Vanquish delivers a seemingly limitless power through out the revolution range. Offering a blistering performance the Vanquish blast out a maximum power of 568 BHP at 6650 rpm. Delivering this power package to the rear wheels, the robust power train of the car is availed with a rubber burning torque of 630 Nm at 5500 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup

Loaded with such a potent power house, the Volante guns to a speed of 100 km/h in just 4 seconds and hammers on a top speed of 317 kmph. If you want to experience an even more blistering performance, then hop in the coupe and the wheels makes you score the figure of 100 km/h in neck-breaking 3.8 seconds and at the same time marks a top speed at 324 km/h.


Combining art, design and technology, the new vanquish comes in coupe and convertible body attire. Taking the design ethos to a new generation, the car comes wrapped with some finely proportioned body trims. Taut and aggressive styling of the Vanquish is a true inspiration by the one-77 super car. Iconic Aston Martin grille and the newly designed front spoilers adds brutality to the fascia unit. Wide open air intakes makes efficient use of the resistance air so as to cool the engine after a decent performance. Bulged wheel arches and rear haunches imparts a sense of masculinity and defines the true profile of the drive. Air vents chiseled to the fender area screams out the reason for its power packed performance. Unifying this gloss tinted air vents is a powerful body line which apart from exposing the dynamic sense also nourishes the aerodynamic trait of the car. Wrapped in carbon black attire, the carbon-fiber construction of the new Vanquish made the architecture 25% lighter than the iconic DBS. Push on the button and the lightweight fabric roof hides nicely beneath the tonneau cover without altering the exterior styling. Conveying a raw power, the Vanquish embodies some efficient aero kits, that eventually enhance the performance of the car. Nicely jeweled LED tail lamps and rear bumper integrated exhaust tail ends throws a sense of athleticism to the sporty rear.

Exterior Measurements

Assertive and sophisticated body architecture of the car is the result of precise dimensional figure granted to it. Holding a dimensional count of 4692mm X 1912mm X 1294mm (L x W x H) the car suits to every occasion on which it is taken for.


Creating a perfect balance between intimacy and comfort, the interior of the car comes loaded with upscale cabin material, that makes you experience the sheer pleasure of driving. Presenting a perfect harmony with the exterior, the cockpit of the car offers a seamless experience. Integrated with decent technology, the console of the car is engraved with some efficient controls, that makes the system operation stress-free. Finely tailored sporty seats of the car holds some electronic functions to alter the comfort parameter, which offers an automatic adjustment of the seating arrangement. Paddle shifter affixed steering wheel of the car is newly designed which offers a firm grip for cruising at critically high speeds. Leather trims used to the door surface makes you feel wrapped with luxury all around. Nicely illuminated instrument cluster of the car comes with some decent information dials, that makes you aware about the time to time performance of the vehicle.

Interior Comfort

In order to add practicality in the vehicle, the brand has loaded some decent comfort factors to the vehicle, thus making it ideal for long travels. Driver oriented cockpit of the car is arranged with some decent controls that makes the driving even more pleasurable and stress-free. In order to settle some useful amenities during distant travels, the car is equipped with innovative modular spaces. Centre armrest of the car comes with bottle holders and a small utility area, thus availing you with a decent space for holding your favorite drinks. Efficient air conditioning system of the car comes with automatic temperature control, that alters automatically according to the ambient temperature. Refreshed steering wheel of the car is affixed with paddle shifters, that offers an easy and brisk shifting of gears.

Interior Measurements

Following the standards of the category, this Grand Tourer comes with a decent hike in interior space compared to the DBS. Wisely arranged interior trims of the car resulted in 60% increase in the boot space, owing to which the count raised to a figure of 368-litre.

Engine and Performance

Grunting inside the dynamic hood is an AM29 V12 engine, that holds a gasping capacity of 5935cc. Delivering a never ending power factor, the Vanquish churns out a maximum power of 568 BHP at 6650 rpm. Staggering thrust to the car is resulted from the rumbling torque delivered from the core. Coupled with a robust power train, the rear wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with a brutally high torque of 630 Nm at 5500 rpm. Mated with this potent power unit is a 'Touchtronic III” 8-speed automatic transmission, that offers an easy and brisk switching of gears.

Stereo and Accessories

In order to match the performance figure, the car comes loaded with the iconic Bang and Olufsen Beosound system, that spreads an aura of pure auditory all around. 13-speaker arrangement managed inside the cockpit transforms the whole cabin into a concert hall. 3D sound system of the car makes a perfect proportion of bass and tremble, thus making you experience even the pin drop sounds. This 1000-watt auditory system comes with acoustic lenses, that eliminates the unwanted noise and make you indulge in the pure harmony. 6.5-inch LCD screen of the car is mated with satellite navigation system, that allows you to escape even the tight traffic areas. Innovative infotainment system of the car makes you avail with some decent information and creates an efficient man-machine interface.


So as to maintain the rolling stability at critically high speeds, the Vanquish comes equipped with machine finished 20-inch 10 spoke alloys. These silver tinted alloys are wrapped over by a Pirelli P-Zero high performance rollers, which holds a tyre size of 255/35 ZR20 at the front and 305/30 ZR20 to the rear.

Braking and Handling

Front and Rear ventilated carbon ceramic discs of the car enhance the performance of the vehicle by reducing the unsprung mass. Independent double wishbone suspension comes mounted to each corner, which is mated with the 3-stage adaptive damping system, that alters the ride characteristic according to the road condition and vehicle speed. Speed dependent rack and pinion power-assisted steering of the car comes with column tilt and reach adjustment, that makes a complete control over this mean machine.

Safety and Security

Though loaded with decent comfort and performance boosting factors, the brand has not compromised in the safety figure of the drive. Anti-lock braking system couple to the efficient braking limits the wheel locking condition during the event of instant braking. Electronic brakeforce distribution evenly distributes the braking pressure, thus maintains the stability of drive while braking in varied road condition. Traction control of the car coordinates the engine torque and suspension system, thus preventing skidding while maneuvering at critically sharp turns. Tyre pressure monitoring system of the car alerts the driver through auditory or visual signals, if there is loss in the pressure in the tyres. High-strength material used in the body architecture and package of airbag equipped to the front ensures ample safety of the occupants during the event of sudden impacts. In order to safeguard the vehicle against thievery, the car comes equipped with engine immobilization and vehicle security alarm system.


  • Brisk acceleration
  • Elegant design
  • Capacious interior


  • Bit pricey
  • Lacks practicality
  • High maintenance

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