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Find the Yamaha Scooter Bikes models list in the Indonesia. There are a total of 16 Scooter models available for sale. Yamaha Nmax, Yamaha Aerox Connected, Yamaha Fazzio, Yamaha Nmax Connected and Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid Connected are the most popular Yamaha Scooter models among Indonesia Bikes buyers. The lowest-priced model is Yamaha Mio M3 125 2024 priced at Rp 17,4 Million and the most expensive one is Yamaha Xmax Connected 2024, which retails at Rp 71,3 Million. Please select your desired Bikes models from the list below to know the complete price list in your city, promos, variants, specs, photos, fuel consumption, and review.

Yamaha Scooter Indonesia Price List 2024

Yamaha scooter prices start at Rp 17,7 Million for the most inexpensive model Yamaha Mio M3 125 and goes up to Rp 71,3 Million for the most expensive scooter model Yamaha Mio M3 125.There are 3 Yamaha scooters available in Indonesia, check out all scooter models February 2024 price below.

Yamaha Scooter Models Price List
Yamaha Nmax Rp 31,62 Million
Yamaha Aerox Connected Rp 27,18 - 31,31 Million
Yamaha Fazzio Rp 22,4 - 23,05 Million
Yamaha Nmax Connected Rp 32,62 - 35,75 Million
Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid Connected Rp 26,75 - 27,5 Million
Yamaha Mio M3 125 Rp 17,4 Million
Yamaha Lexi LX 155 Rp 25,35 - 29,9 Million
Yamaha Gear 125 Rp 18,2 - 18,92 Million
Yamaha Aerox Connected ABS Rp 30,96 Million
Yamaha Xmax Connected Rp 66 - 71,3 Million
Yamaha FreeGo Rp 19,96 - 23,92 Million
Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Rp 19,79 Million
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16 Yamaha Scooter Motorcycles