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Viar Indonesia has gained popularity with trendsetting models with unique features. The brand image set by reliable performance motorcycles, dirt bikes, high-performance sports bikes and utility matic-motorcycles is taken to a greater height with the introduction of touring model V1. The uniqueness and perfect blending of utility and luxury features make it a king among the matic-motorcycle category.


The touring model scooter from Viar is essentially a matic motorcycle with a long wheelbase and decent performance of the engine. It features crystal headlamp, stylish back lamp, huge baggage space as standard. Currently, it is available in two colour options Black, White.


A first look at this vehicle makes the customers impressed with its astonishing styling and broader dimensions. At the front, crystal clear lamp with bold styling cowl gets it the perfect attention and appreciations. The body panels covered from the headlamp cowl to the rider seat position dominates the styling features. The rider seat designed to provide perfect cushioning and support for the rider enabling for comfortable posture with hands on the handlebar giving pleasant experiences over long durations of travel.

The dimensional features include 2190mm X820mm X1065mm (Length X Width X Height) spread over the pretty long wheelbase of 1520mm. The ground clearance of 170mm makes it convenient to ride on normal road conditions and negotiations at the road humps. The kerb weight of 168kg though make it a heavy vehicle to handle, the body dynamics makes it easy to balance and side stand can be used for parking.

Engine economy performance

The luxury touring model V1 features the well-proven performance 200cc engine single cylinder four stroke petrol engine with liquid cooling delivering the power of 13hp at 7500rpm and torque of 13.8Nm at 6000rpm. The power output is on the lower side as compared to similar capacity engines used in bikes, still enables the vehicle to reach a speed of the order of 60kmph in very short span of time. The super smooth acceleration and the responsive engine can reach a top speed of 110kmph on standard road conditions. The fuel tank fitted at the front can hold up to 13.5Liters, with the fuel efficiency of around 40kmpl it can be comfortably taken for long rides and touring.


The super smooth responsive engine and very easy to steer handlebar and easy to access control levers can make it easy to ride over straight ahead roads. However, the pretty long dimensions demand it to be slowed down drastically during sharp turns. The front and rear wheels fitted with tyres of rating 130/60 R13 giving very good road grip and avoids skidding while riding on slippery surfaces. The kerb weight and the weight of the rider, luggage are evenly distributed over both wheels making it easy to balance during high speed riding on the highway.

Safety, brake and miscellaneous

The matic motorcycle is designed to excel in performance for long touring is loaded with a good lot of safety features that include disc brakes for both front and rear wheels enabling for the easy and safe stopping of the vehicle without jerks. The telescopic shock absorbers used at both front and rear support the overall weight of the vehicle and absorb the road shocks preventing it to be transmitted to the rider. The luggage compartments provided with secure locking system that can be handy for storing precious items during long journey with this magnificent motorcycle


Viar V1 is a special motorcycle with bold and majestic style statement on road matched with highly reliable engine makes a great option as a tourer.