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Minerva Madass Review


Minerva in Indonesia has introduced an array of motorcycles ranging from good performance economical price bikes to sports bikes. Madass was first launched in the international market in 2004 it featured 50cc engine next generation bike with 125cc introduced in 2006. In Indonesia, it was introduced recently sporting latest equipment and features taking the passion of adventures riding to next level.


Minerva Madass is a raw bike designed to perform on off-road uplifting the spirit of teenagers for adventures rides unlike normal bikes, there are no much body panels used in this. The front forks connected to the handlebar and the front wheel. The small headlight in the middle of the handlebar and round instrument cluster display information of speed and odometer readings. The dimensional features include 1840mm X 760mm X 1035mm (Length X Width X Height) giving good and comfortable posture specifically for youngsters encouraging spirited riding over to abnormal and bumpy tracks. The centrally located exhaust manifold passes under the seats on to the tail grabs the attention and also serves to prevent the possible damage that can occur in the case of fall during an adventurous ride.

Engine, economy and performance

Madass feature excellent performance single cylinder four strokes four valve 125cc engine delivering the power of 11hp power and 9.5Nm torque. The engine is connected to 5-speed gearbox with multi-plate clutch and chain drive given to the road wheels. The raw power of the engine and lightweight features of the bike with 95kg kerb weight responds superbly for acceleration inputs and can reach the top speed of 95kmph in 18 seconds. The fuel tank looks very sleek and designed to hold 12liters of petrol, a combination of good fuel economy of 50kmpl and decent tank capacity boost up spirit for a break- free ride.


It is a purely performance oriented bike designed to excel in off-road. The excellent grip of tyres with rating 90/90 R16 at front and 120/80 R16 for rear makes it easy to steer on any road conditions. The quick responsive engine can propel to reach the top speed of in bare minimum time and faster variation of torques can be handy for off-road riding. The body dynamics, light- in-weight features and excellent variation of torque help to overcome tough obstacles with ease. The riding posture with seat height of 760mm designed to provide maximum comfort for the rider and the foot rests specifically designed for better grip while the riding in standing posture on dirt track conditions. The good focus of headlights makes it convenient for riding on dark roads and poor lighting conditions during off-road adventures.

Safety, braking and miscellaneous

The all terrain performance bike is supported with very efficient and reliable210mm disc brakes both at the front and rear offer superb control over the bike. Mono shock absorber at connected to the middle of the frame and the highly efficient front fork with telescopic shock absorber provides best possible comfort during the ride on bumpy roads.


Madass is one of the new generation bikes aimed at boosting the adventurous spirit of the youngsters. A decent combination of quick responding engine, decent fuel economy and very reliable suspensions make it a worthy bike.

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