Honda CBR250RR
Honda CBR250RR Rp 63,46 - 75,66 Million
Dp Rp 15,86 Million EMI : Rp 1,49 Million x 36

Honda CBR250RR Images

Checkout the latest Honda CBR250RR 2023, the Honda CBR250RR bike has 7 Images. Also, CBR250RR is available in 6 different colors in Indonesia.

Honda CBR250RR 2023 Exterior Images

Honda CBR250RR has 7 images of its exterior, top Honda CBR250RR 2023 exterior images include Slant Rear View Full Image, Fuel Tank View, Engine View, Front Tyre View, Head Light View, Exhaust View, Rider Seat View.

Honda CBR250RR Slant Rear View Full Image
Slant Rear View Full Image
Honda CBR250RR Fuel Tank View
Fuel Tank View
Honda CBR250RR Engine View
Engine View
Honda CBR250RR Front Tyre View
Front Tyre View
Honda CBR250RR Head Light View
Head Light View
Honda CBR250RR Exhaust View
Exhaust View
Honda CBR250RR Rider Seat View
Rider Seat View

Honda CBR250RR Colors

Honda CBR250RR Colors

Honda CBR250RR is available in 6 different colors - Racing Red, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, Bravery Black, Black Freedom, Honda TriColor, Mystique Blue.

Honda CBR250RR Racing Red
Racing Red
Honda CBR250RR Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic
Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic
Honda CBR250RR Bravery Black
Bravery Black
Honda CBR250RR Black Freedom
Black Freedom
Honda CBR250RR Honda TriColor
Honda TriColor
Honda CBR250RR Mystique Blue
Mystique Blue

Honda CBR250RR Videos

CBR250RR Videos
Pembuktian Total Control Honda CBR250RR SP QS - First Ride
21 Oct, 2022
Honda CBR250 RR QS SP | First Ride | Terbaik di Kelasnya |
20 Oct, 2020
Honda CBR250RR SP Quick Shifter | First Impression | Performa Bertambah |
20 Oct, 2020
Komparasi Honda CBR250RR vs Yamaha R25 vs Kawasaki Ninja 250 I OTO.COM
14 Sep, 2017
Riding Mode Honda CBR250RR
27 Jul, 2016

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Honda CBR250RR Questions & Answers (FAQs)

How many images available in Honda CBR250RR?

Honda CBR250RR motorcycle has 7 exterior Images.

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How many colour options available in Honda CBR250RR?

Honda CBR250RR is available in 6 different colors in Indonesia. check CBR250RR colors images.

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What are the color options available in Honda CBR250RR?

There are total 6 colors available in Indonesia for Honda CBR250RR: Black Freedom, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, Mystique Blue, Racing Red, Bravery Black and Honda TriColor etc.

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