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Benelli Python 200 Review


  Sprinting in the 200cc range, Benelli Python 200 fetches itself an outstanding position with its equally desirable off-road capabilities along with comfortable highway rides. The bike along with this avails the rider the comfort of a regular commuter owing to the wide seat and well-damped suspension system.


  Sportiness goes all the more practical with the next motorcycle from the Chinese-owned oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturer that comes with the name of Benelli Python 200. The motorcycle is a dual-sport motorcycle that avails you off-roading benefits along with the practicality of a regular commuter. The bike comes with the actual Italian flair that shows up in the perfect styling of the bike that is crafted to feel functional in each aspect.


  The sporty dual-sport commuter from Benelli is designed to give a dirt bike look with a proper sports bike functionality. The front profile of the bike is commanded with a high mudguard that resembles an actual dirt-bike characteristic and a sharp visor face enveloping the dazzling headlamps. The tank shrouds are given a purely sharp aerodynamic shape and reveal the actual identity of the bike with the logo “Benelli” imprinted on it. The dual sport streetfighter features a wide and comfortable seat unlike the thin seat of the usual off-road bikes. The bike is given a considerable good height of 1100 mm with the length and width dimensions reading – 2085 mm and 775 mm respectively. The wheelbase of the bike is 1360 mm.

Engine, Performance and Economy:

  The pumped-up motorcycle is injected in power by a 197 cc, 1 cylinder, 4-stroke engine that is integrated with an oil cooler. This engine is perfectly-engineered to squeeze out a maximum power output of 9.50 kW at 7550 rpm coupled to a maximum torque of 14 Nm at 6000 rpm. This refined power-mill is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission that offers a smooth power transfer owing to the oil-bathed multi disc clutch.


  The most boasted feature of this dual-sport motorcycle is its desirable handling characteristics. The bike being a dual-sport can be taken for off-road adventures and also feels comfortable for long highway drives. However, the bike is equipped with the regular asphalt wheels with tyre dimensions – 100/80-17 for the front tyres and 130/70-17 for rear tyres. This requires you to modify the bike with dual-sport wheels that could serve better off-road capabilities. The slightly swept-back footpegs of the bike with the wide seat and flat handlebars together fetch the rider a comfortable riding position.

Safety, braking and miscellaneous:

  The impressively designed dual-sport streetfighter features an efficient and responsive braking that is a product of the disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. The comfortable off-road experience that the bike flaunts is incorporated by the supportive suspension system of the bike that comprises of USD (Up Side Down) fork type front suspension and sporty Mono Shock rear suspension.


  The bike owing to its functional and sophisticated styling, definite and desirable handling proportions and comfortable off-roading experience comes as an efficient dual-sport motorcycle. However, the not-so-competitive price of the bike initiates you to think twice before making the buying decision.

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