Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021)
Model has expired Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021)
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Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Colors

Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) is available in 8 colors

Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Midnight Black Metallic
Midnight Black Metallic
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Dark Grey Metallic
Dark Grey Metallic
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Dark Red Metallic
Dark Red Metallic
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Classic Silver Metallic
Classic Silver Metallic
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Dark Brown Metallic
Dark Brown Metallic
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Exotic Beige Metallic
Exotic Beige Metallic
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Icy White
Icy White
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Nebulla Blue Metallic
Nebulla Blue Metallic

Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Interior Images

Interior Images
Dashboard View of Xenia (2019-2021)
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel
Xenia (2019-2021) TachoMeter
Instrument Cluster
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Drivers Side In Side Door Controls
Door Controls
Xenia (2019-2021) Engine
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Seats
Door view of Driver seat
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Rear Seats
Rear Seats
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Rd Row Seat
Seats (Aerial View)
Xenia (2019-2021) Center Console
Center Console
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Center Divider
Front Armrest & Storage
Xenia (2019-2021) Courtesy Lamps
Rear View Mirror/Courtesy Lamps
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Seat Adjustment Controllers
Seat Adjustments Control
Xenia (2019-2021) Cup Holders
Cup Holders (Front)
Xenia (2019-2021) Rear AC Controls
Rear Air vents
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Gear Shifter
Gear Shifter
Xenia (2019-2021) Passenger Seat
Front Seats (Passenger View)
Folding Seats of Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021)
Seats (Turned Over)
Power Accessories Outlet View of Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021)
Center Tunnel with attached Smartphone
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Cup Holder
Front Cup Holder
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Glove Box
Glovebox (Closed)
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Glove Box Open
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Ac Vents
Front Air Vents
Front AC Controls of Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021)
AC Controls
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Seat Headrest
Front Seat Headrest
Xenia (2019-2021) touch screen
Touch Screen
Xenia (2019-2021) Rear Seat Head rest
Rear Seat Head Rest
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Side Ac Vents
Front Side Ac Vents

Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Exterior Images

Exterior Images
Xenia (2019-2021) Front angle low view
Front Left Side
Xenia (2019-2021) Side view
Side View (Left)
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Reverse Parking Sensors
Reverse Parking Sensors
Xenia (2019-2021) Grille View
Xenia (2019-2021) Front Fog Lamp
Front Fog Lamp
Xenia (2019-2021) Headlight
Xenia (2019-2021) Tail light
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Drivers Side Mirror Front Angle
Side Mirror (Body)
Xenia (2019-2021) Door handle
Door Handle
Xenia (2019-2021) Wiper View
Front Wiper
Xenia (2019-2021) Rear angle view
Rear Right Side
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Front Cross Side View
Front Right View
Xenia (2019-2021) Spoiler
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Drivers Sideview
Side View (Right)
Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Rear Wiper
Rear Wiper

Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) Videos

Watch Xenia (2019-2021) Videos

Watch latest video reviews of Daihatsu Xenia (2019-2021) to know about its interiors, exteriors, performance, mileage and more.

GIIAS 2021 | All New Daihatsu Xenia | Bikin Kaget Ubahannya! | First Impression
15 Nov, 2021
Crash test Daihatsu Xenia Airbag Mengembang
26 May, 2015
26 May, 2015
Daihatsu New all xenia Sporty 1.3 airbag
26 May, 2015
Daihatsu Xenia R deluxe
26 May, 2015

Xenia (2019-2021) Design Highlights

  • Front Angle Low View
    Front Angle Low View

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  • Rear Angle View
    Rear Angle View

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  • Drivers Sideview
    Drivers Sideview

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  • Dashboard View
    Dashboard View

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  • Tachometer

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  • Engine

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  • Power Accessories Outlet View
    Power Accessories Outlet View

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  • Front Ac Controls
    Front Ac Controls

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