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The rise in competition among the manufacturers in launching motorcycle with great utility and the economical price tag has led to the introduction of different models with unique features. The Target RN is one such model featuring latest technology 125cc engine with a very good combination of power and mileage factors. It competes with all 125cc bikes from leading manufacturers of motorcycles in Indonesia.


Jialing Target RN is designed as a genuine performance bike with a good blending of power and mileage and utility. The alloy wheels with disc brake at front and drum brakes and the chrome plated exhaust manifold give it a special attention on the road. The round headlight and the twin instrument cluster and the handlebar give it decent styling and the fuel tank is of normal design and serves the purpose. The dual flat seat is made with good cushioning and slightly inclined towards fuel tank giving better posture and comfort for the rider. The overall dimensional features include 1990mm X 720mm X 1100mm (Length X Width X Height) and wheelbase 1290mm ensure a balanced distribution of vehicle load on both wheels. The ground clearance of 150mm is good enough for normal conditions of usage.

Engine, economy and performance

This motorcycle is fitted with single cylinder four stroke petrol e engine with 125cc delivering the power of 10PS at 7500rpm and the multi-plate clutch mated with the 4-speed gearbox with all up shift mechanism. The drive is connected to rear wheels through a chain drive. A smooth acceleration of the engine can lead to a rise in speed from 0 to 40kmph very quickly and further increase in speed can take extra time. If riding on a level road it such as a highway it and reach a top speed of 80kmph. In city conditions, one can rely upon mileage of around 55kmpl and in highway riding 60kmph is easily gettable.


The handling of this bike is made easy with comfortable seating and posture for the rider and the easy operation of clutch lever and gear shifter and smooth and firm brake. The alloy wheels with tyre rating 80/90 R18 is used for both front and rear wheels give long lasting performance and the tough buttons prevent the frequency of punctures that could happen in spoilt roads and streets. The flat dual seat offers comfortable posture for the pillion passenger and also enable them to be seated with probable luggage such as a handbag with groceries or anything.

Safety, brake and miscellaneous

The safety of the rider and the passenger is ensured with strong body frame that can withstand all shock loads and assure long lasting reliability. The disc brakes at front and drum brakes at the rear given for effective slowing down and stopping of the bike. The strong suspensions with a telescopic shock absorber at front and spring loaded shock absorber with swing arm suspension is provided at the rear that can withstand varying loads of the vehicle while moving across road humps and hollows.


This motorcycle has the ideal combination of power and best of mileage factors make it a great companion for daily commuting in city conditions and also offer reliable performance in the occasional long ride.