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The rise in demand for the lightweight motorcycles for usage as a commuter for utility in town and village areas has created competition among the manufacturers in launching the latest version of light motorcycles with affordable price tag. Jialing motors have captured their share of the market with the introduction of Target series of motorcycles. Currently, it comes in variants such as Target R, RV, Z, XS with a 100cc engine. It competes with similar vehicles from Happy Motors, Viar Motors and TVS Motors.


The Target R feature headlight and indicator light fixed on to the cowl of the instrument panel. The front side fenders designed in sleek styling and the centre gap allows for smooth flow of air for effective cooling of the engine. The dimensions of this variants include 1900X700X1050mm (Length X Width X Height) and wheelbase 1210mm and kerb weight 90kg. The ground clearance of 147mm is just good enough for negotiations with road irregularities. The seat design is given slight cup shape at the rider portion giving better cushioning and firm seating for the rider and helpful during riding over road irregularities.

Engine, economy and performance

This motorcycle feature single cylinder four strokes 100cc engine delivering the power of 6.17hp at 7500rpm the drive from engine to rear wheel connected through the-the chain drive. The engine can be started using electronic ignition as well as a kick start for emergency usage during low battery condition. The engine can deliver fuel efficiency of 65kmpl and it can extend up to 70kmpl on level roads and favorable conditions. The fuel tank capacity of four liters is very helpful for commuting over short distances in remote areas.


The efficient and faster response of the engine can enable the rider to reach top speed at a brisk pace. The tubed tyres fitted onto the R17 size spoke wheels make it easy for riding over any road conditions and can be handy for riding in off-road conditions one can come across during usage in village areas. The foot rest for both rider and pillion passenger give comfortable posture for the balanced riding over uneven surfaces. The shorter dimensions and light in weight feature is very handy for usage on narrow paths and congested roads.

Safety, brakes and miscellaneous

The smaller engine capacity and low fuel reserve limit the usage to short distance travel. The safety of the rider is enhanced with the fine grip of tyres and telescopic shock absorber at the front and torsional spring shock absorber at the rear. The disc brakes at front and drum brakes at rear designed to last long and effective braking are achieved through hand lever for front and leg brake for the rear. The body panels made of strong sheet metals and can withstand occasional rubbing of the vehicle while riding at congested roads.


This is a smart design lightweight motorcycles easy to handle and deliver best of fuel economy and economical price tag. The trendy features of body panels with glossy painting gives it special attention on the road.