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Supra X 125 FI Color Options

  • Sporty Aggressive Energetic Black

  • Sporty Luxury Quantum Black

  • Sporty Luxury Fabulous White

  • Sporty Aggressive Razor White

Honda Supra X 125 FI Review


From sporty looks to a modern looking panel, the looks of the new Honda Supra X 125 FI has been tweaked and for good. Sporty headlights, stop lamps with LED technology, new charging port with an automatic port cover, luxurious chrome heat shield, and secure shutter keys are a few new additions to this model. The inclusion of all these helps it in being safe and bold. The model has been released at a price range of Rp 17,000,000 for the Indonesian markets.


Preceded by 10 years of glory since the launch of its first variant, Motor Supra has been among the favourite choices of Indonesians. Legendary Honda Motor, with its latest launch of Supra X 125 FI 2015, was planning to revitalize its hold over the market. With the powerful and efficient injection technology it possesses, and the stylish and sporty design it characterises, Honda Supra X 125 FI has aced the 'customer liking' charts. After its release in Senayan on February 26, 2015, King Motor Duck, it hasn't felt a need to look back. It comes with two variants CW and SW.


Renewing the outgoing model, the evident changes were done to its styling. A sportier and leaner design with engraved lines and curves adds to the appeal of the scooter. The dimensions are as follows, it measures 1918 mm X 709 mm X 1101 mm (L X W X H) while the wheelbase of the scooter is 1235 mm. The modern aura is further accentuated with the inclusion of rear brake lamps using LED technology while the headlamps now draw from a 2 X 25 watt bulb as opposed to 2 X 18 watt bulb earlier. The use of LEDs for the rear stop lamps will help in conserving electrical power besides adding to the aesthetics. The empty weight of the scooter measures 106 kg (for CW variant) and 103 kg (for SW variant). The seats feel to be softer along with being slightly thicker too and lastly the exhaust design is tapered at the edges besides sporting a chrome heat shield. The colour options are as under:

CW (Cast wheel) – Fabulous Blue, Graceful Red, Luxury White and Stylish Black

SW (Spoke wheel) - Fabulous Blue, Graceful Red, and Stylish Black

Engine, Economy and Performance:

Although, behind the wheels, the powertrain is similar to the previous model, the pull of the new model seems to be more powerful. With a 4 stroke SOHC single Cylinder with a displacement of 125 cc, it extends a maximum power of 10.1 PS at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.3 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The scooter can be turned on using both electric and foot starter. With the claims of fuel efficiency numbers being taller than the antecedent by 25%, it is backed by the use of PGMFI step 5 as compared to the step 2 used earlier. It just takes 8.1 seconds for this scooter to reach up to 60 km from the rest while the top mark on the speedometer reads 150 km/hr. The overall drive feels pleasurable, letting you enjoy the fast ride with a qualified braking system to make it safer.


With the streamlined look, the scooter can quickly traverse the rush markets of Indonesia. Further, the optimized brakes won't make it such a bumpy ride for you. With backbone truss system, the appearance feels sturdier, the front suspension uses a telescopic system while the rear supports a swing arm with double sock breaker. The compact PGM-FI offers several benefits like reducing the release of environment detrimental substances, improving the driveability, economy, etc. The ride feels stable and steady although, the rider positioned a bit high.

Safety, Braking and miscellaneous:

The braking system for CW includes hydraulic disc brakes on the front as well as the rear while the SW variant features hydraulic disc brakes at the front with drum brakes at the rear ensuring a safe and optimized ride for the riders. The provision of secure shutter key, a magnetic lock coupled with automatic shutting off capability makes sure your bike remains safely parked. The single hole integrating your ignition and seat make it far easier and practical for the riders. Further, the most striking feature of the scooter includes a socket for charging your electronic gadgets like cell phones with the ability to charge 2X times than our home chargers at just 500-1 mAh. Also, an automatic port cover is attached to it which closes the port on its own when not in use.


The new Honda Supra X 125 FI with its sporty and modern looks with pleasurable driving dynamics and inclusion of new and exciting features like magnetic shutter keys, charging ports and better fuel efficiency numbers again tries to lead the low-mid segment.

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