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Mclaren P1 Review


The game changer, the black hurricane, the drive from future are some adjectives associated with this revolutionary new drive. The British engineered Mclaren P1 is an upgraded and next generation vehicle from the Mclaren F1 which discontinued in year 1998. the production years of the Mclaren P1 was 2013 and it is limited to only 375 units. The next updated version of P1 for the track oriented purpose with GTR badging was flashed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show; this car is limited to 35 units and the existing P1 owners can only apply to purchase one for them. The combined power output and performance dynamics are meant for racing enthusiasts. The hybrid nature of this vehicle has given it additional power which kills off most of the rivals.

Engine, Mileage & Variants

The Mclaren P1 is a hybrid car, but from a different league than all the cars you have seen till date, due to the fact that unlike your day to day saloons, the hybrid technology in this beast works as a catalyst in incrementing the power output of the drive. Mclaren P1 gets its rear wheels powered by the combined power of both the systems. The 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged and intercooled 32 valve DOHC engine on the job develops superior power of 727 hp with 720 Nm of torque. The hybrid system churns out 177 hp of power and 131 Nm of torque which sums up to push the car at 904 hp of power, yes you read it correctly, with 851 Nm of torque. The performance dynamics of the P1 are mind boggling and they designed to perform huge as it is being tested over all major type of surfaces. With 7 speed automatic gearbox with manual shifting mode, it can touch the 100 kmph speed count in just 2.7 seconds.


The Mclaren P1 is carried out to show off a true sports car's appeal. It is made of carbon fibre material to keep the mass light and to make it perform better. The headlamps are styled in the company's logo design and they matches with the car's personality. The car is extremely well balanced for high speeds and the aerodynamic shape is another perk for the proper pleasure of the driving. This car measures its dimensions as 4588 mm of length, 1946 mm of width and 1138 mm of height. The wheelbase of the car is 2670 mm and the alloy wheels come with the option of 19 and 20 inch sizes.


The cabin of the Mclaren P1 consists of two seats for motor-sport activities and they offer the intense flavor of racing charisma. The dashboard is covered with a rugged pattern and it doesn't owns so many buttons and swap keys like any other car, rather the environment inside the car is made very simple and luxurious which bounds it upto the racing traits. The quality of material used for cabin is finest and the rigidity is endowed from carbon fibre material. The large paddle shifts engages the driver to a firm up its enthusiasm while the display at the center tracks the path with GPS navigation.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

This car is puffed up with huge lot of performance genes and hence, the severe range of safety facets are found in the alleged car. The carbon fibre body structure of this car is ultra rigid and protects the passengers during any wrong occasion. The monocage abbreviated central body of the car is the major component of its build and has a lot strength than the high tensile titanium and steel. It weights low and hence, makes it suitable to throw over the corners on the track. The body control for stability is governed by the race active chassis control which manages the suspensions' spring and dampers to actively work with the vehicle's motion. Buzzing over the brakes, the carbon ceramic brakes coated with silicon carbide which is the toughest substance on the planet blesses the drive with an efficient braking system.


Mclaren P1 is a perfect racing sports car; it obeys all the laws of performance and has a wise package of equipment to deal with the ergonomics during a run. The hybrid unit is good and has a room for further betterment, while the strength of the car is incredible.