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488 GTB Color Options

  • Red

  • Verde British

  • Rosso Scuderia

  • Rosso Mugello

  • Rosso Fiorano

  • Rosso Dino

  • Rosso Corsa

  • Nero Pastello

  • Nero Daytona

  • Grigio Titanio Metallizzato

  • Grigio Siverstone

  • Grigio Scuro

  • Grigio Ingrid

  • Grigio Ferro

  • Grigio Alloy

  • Giallo Modena

  • Canna Di Fucile

  • Blu Tour De France

  • Blu Swaters

  • Blu Scozia

  • Blu Pozzi

  • Blu Mirabeau

  • Blu Abu Dhabi

  • Bianco Avus

  • Azzurro California

  • Avorio

  • Argento Nurburgring

Ferrari 488 GTB Review


Before steeping in to the production of street-legal vehicles in 1947, Ferrari sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars. Known for its Formula 1 expertise, the brand is on the apex positions when considering the performance factor. Taking this credit, the brand has come up with the new “Ferrari 488”, that makes it among the most staggering models of the era. Replacing Ferrari 458, 488 GTB was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Arising from an entirely new design, this 2 seated sports car incorporates the latest technological advancement that marks the entry of brand in modern era of designing. With dynamic body styling, it seems that Ferrari has hired some professional sculptors for its legendary sleek design. Innovative design of the implemented to the robust body structure follows the brand's weight reduction strategy, that eventually enhance the power to weight ratio of the vehicle. Broad air vents and bonnet louvers engraved to the dynamic sculpture makes efficient utilization of the resistant air by cooling the engine bay. Besides these the aero kits installed to the car makes it to achieve a class leading aerodynamic factor. Kamm back tail structure of the car imparts a hyper car trait to the 488 GTB. Step in to the interior and you could feel the flamboyance all inside the cockpit. The F1 inspired cockpit of the car brings to you the real sports car driving experience. Bucket seats with 3D layering lets easy circulation of air thus availing the occupants with maximum comfort. Carbon trims on the dash surface makes you realize the brand's dedication towards the weight reduction strategy. Efficient illuminating cluster of the car avails you with a almost all driving parameters required during cruising. Hand stitched leather upholstery and aluminum/carbon inlays over the panels makes you feel wrapped with luxury all around. Pedal shift lever of the car offers brisk and easy shifting of gears that eventually enhances the performance of the vehicle. Under the robust body architecture sits a massive V8 with a total displacement of 3902 cc, that punches out a maximum power of 492 kW at 8000 rpm. The rear wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with an exhilarating torque of 760 Nm at 3000 rpm. 7-speed F1 dual clutch transmission makes it to gun from 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds, whereas the propulsion only comes to an end at 330 km/hr. Carbon ceramic braking of the car is equipped with ABS/EBD that enhance the braking performance and offers a safe braking condition. Third generation electronic differential manages the torque by providing precise amount of rolling tendency to each powered wheel.

Mileage and Fuel economy

This naturally aspirated beast holds an exceptional power to weight ratio owing to which there is a dramatic hike in the efficiency of the vehicle. Apart from these the light weight body architecture and the innovative carbon ceramic implementation on the braking system also adds to the fuel economy of the car. Though offering a breathtaking performance, the 488 GTB still manages to deliver a decent mileage of 8.7 km/l.


Imparting its extensive F1 knowledge, the brand has re-engineered the engine that allows it to derive an extraordinary power. With its 3.9 litre V8 engine, 488 GTB can punch out a maximum power of 492 kW at 8000 rpm. Rear wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with a tyre burning torque of 760 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup

Mated with a 7-speed F1 dual clutch transmission the astounding 488 GTB guns to a figure of 100 km/hr from halt in an incredible 3 seconds. On the other hand the efficient dynamics and performance rated aero kits allows the Ferrari to hammer-on a top speed of 330 km/hr.


Sculpted design and refined engineering of the 488 GTB is the result of in-house treatment given to the majestic car. Without altering the much of design aspects, the new 488 GTB holds a class leading body architecture that eventually cuts the weight and enhance the performance of the vehicle. Chiseled bonnet with V-shaped lovering on the surface revels the performance package it is bestowed with. Cutting edge innovation implemented to the body allows the car to swift with minimal air drag. Signature brutal look of the car comes from the low floor design that reduces the drag coefficient. Sleek design of the head lamps allows the mean machine to pave its away even through the deepest darkened areas. Composite bumpers have been redesigned and provided with two deep channel air outlets for consistent cooling. Kamm tail structure of the 488 GTB offers the drive a hyper car trait. Round high intensity tail lamps with full length grille offer ample cooling of the engine. Diffusers integrated at the rear bumper cuts the excessive air drag and nourishes the aerodynamic factor of the vehicle. Chrome tinted dual exhaust offers a booming sound when switched to ignition mode.

Exterior Measurements

Besides matching the brutal appearance, the long wheelbase of 2650 mm enhance the stability of the vehicle while maneuvering critical turns. Precise measurement of 4568 mm X 1952 mm X 1213 mm (L X W X H) given to the mighty 488 GTB throws a sense of athleticism over the flawless silhouette of the car.


Vigorous look of the car is well complemented by a racing-inspired cockpit. Lightweight materials with garnishing of Alcantara and carbon fibre dominates the performance trait of the car. Hand-stitched upholstery, aluminum tread plates and fluidic design of the door panels throws an aura of sportiness all in the cabin. Overlapping of the carbon materials over the dash surface makes you realize the dedication of weight reduction and craftsmanship. Nicely managed controls in the centre fascia arose the sportsmanship inside you. Ergonomically arranged control on the newly fabricated bridge has carbon fiber implementation that extents over the centre tunnel, putting the efficient transmission case to an ideal angle. Sporty bucket seats with electronically adjustable comfort factors offer you a stable seating position while driving in harsh gradients. These backrest seats are padded with breathable 3D fabric that offers superb air circulation.

Interior Comfort

F1 inspired cockpit of 488 GTB holds some innovative operations that enhances the driving comfort and offers a fatigue-free operational characteristic to the driver. Fully driver oriented cockpit of the car has decent controls that are ergonomically arranged according to the driver's comfort. Nicely fabricated carbon trims inside the car shows the brand's step towards the weight reduction strategy. Glove compartment of the dash surface is replace by innovative modular pockets that lets you store useful amenities required during travel. Primary controls located near the driver premises and the efficient man-machine interface of the Ferrari lets the driver avail with stress free driving.

Interior Measurements

Practicality is not a concern in super cars, but the Ferrari 488 GTB still offers a decent boot volume, in order to settle useful amenities during distant travels. Boot space of 230 litres would be sufficient to meet your day-to-day requirements.

Engine and Performance

Roofed under the robust architecture of the 488 GTB sits an advanced V8, holding an engine capacity of 3902 cc. This roaring mean machine incorporates a naturally aspiring technology that allows it to boosts out a maximum power of 492 kW at 8000 rpm. Delivering such a a high power increases the compression ratio of the engine, owing to which the rear wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with an exhilarating torque of 760 Nm at 3000 rpm. This energetic powerhouse with Hi-tech engineering comes mated with a 7-speed F1 dual clutch transmission that offers easy and brisk shifting of gears.

Stereo and Accessories

The cruising sound of the mighty 488 GTB is itself a music to the auto enthusiasts, but still the car comes with the iconic JBL professional sound system. The 11-efficient loud speakers of the car hold the cutting edge technology of the brand that offers quality auditory to the occupants seated. Digital signal processing (DSL) complements a 640-watt amplification that offers a precise sound characteristic. Carbon fiber built door woofers avails you with quality bass that dissolves nicely to the pure acoustics. Electro Dynamic Planar Loudspeaker (EDPL) has 4 ultra flat loudspeakers is located just behind the head, that counters the booming sound of the of V8.


Machine finished rollers of the 488 GTB, holds vibrant finish to the multi-spoke alloy wheels, which apart from adding the elegance also reduces the air drag. Standard alloy size of 20-inch accommodates a tyre specification of 245/35 ZR20 J9.0 at the front and 305/30 ZR20 J11.0 to the rear.

Braking and Handling

In order to follow the weight reduction strategy the brand has implemented carbon ceramic composite to the front and rear brakes, that eventually reduces the unsprung mass of the vehicle. Magnetorheological suspension control system of the 488 GTB comes equipped with frequency analysis and twin solenoids, that alters the damping force according to the road gradient.

Safety and Security

Propelling at such a violent speed demands an hi-tech safety trait. Electronic stability control equipped in the car coordinates the suspension by mutating the damping force, thus allowing it to propel in varied road gradients. F1 traction control of the car grips the tarmac thus offering a firm grip while propelling at high speeds. Third generation electronic differential housed to the power train balances the torque by delivering equal amount of torque value to each wheels. Side slip angle control coordinates the engine torque and the brake force, thus limiting the risk of slippage while maneuvering critical turns. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBD) comes as standard in the car. The ABS prevents the wheel locking condition thus limiting the risk of skidding during instant brake condition. EBD transfers precise amount of brake force to each wheel even with slight braking pressure.


  • Dynamic body styling
  • Exhilarating acceleration
  • Sporty cockpit


  • Bit expensive
  • Not practical on every road condition
  • High maintenance