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458 Speciale Color Options

  • Red

  • Verde British

  • Rosso Scuderia

  • Rosso Mugello

  • Rosso Fiorano

  • Rosso Dino

  • Rosso Corsa

  • Nero Pastello

  • Nero Daytona

  • Grigio Titanio Metallizzato

  • Grigio Silverstone

  • Grigio Scuro

  • Grigio Ingrid

  • Grigio Ferro

  • Grigio Alloy

  • Giallo Modena

  • Canna Di Fucile

  • Blu Tour De France

  • Blu Swaters

  • Blu Scozia

  • Blu Pozzi

  • Blu Mirabeau

  • Blu Abu Dhabi

  • Bianco Avus

  • Azzurro California

  • Avorio

  • Argento Nurburgring

Ferrari 458 Speciale Review


When one talks about Ferrari, a picture of a mean red machine can be envisaged which is capable of passing through objects within the blink of an eye. Ferrari 458, the 2 door sports coupe has kept alive this sanctity of the elite brand. The car was first introduced as a replacement for Ferrari F430 at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and ever since then it has been successful in garnering an overwhelming worldwide response. Kudos to its high power and performance, vigorous acceleration, sleek exterior design and sumptuous interiors which makes Ferrari 458 a winner. Ferrari 458 gets hold of the revolutionary 4.5-litre V8 engine which can churn out a maximum power of 605 CV at 9000 rpm alongwith a peak torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. Just like all the Ferrari cars, Ferrari 458 is said to be embedded with racing genes and can attain 0-100 km/hr mark in mere 3 seconds clocking a top speed of 325 km/hr. This has been possible because of the Italian engineers who optimized combustion, volumetric and mechanical efficiency. The car also comes in a convertible version called Ferrari 458 Spider. Legend says if you own a Ferrari, your stature cannot be further increased. Ferrari 458 is the car which has been bestowed with a sophisticated allure in every small detail. The Italian manufacturers have given an innovative shooting brake shape to the car coupled with modern styling cues and an aerodynamic chassis. The interiors are as elegant as the exterior body. The leather upholstery that adorns the interior cabin enhances the beauty of the car. There are countless features stuffed for the gadgetry freaks alongside there are plentiful of storage knick-knacks for convenience of the passengers. The safety aspects provided in the car are laudable with some of the high-end features being front and side airbags for driver and passengers, ABS with Electronic Stability and so on.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel economy, Ferrari 458 does not disappoint. The 4.5-litre V8 engine can give a mileage of 7.8 kmpl which is impressive keeping in mind that the car is meant to prance through long distances.


Ferraris are ultimate performers and are meant to cross a stationary object within blink of an eye. The engine of Ferrari 458 has been embedded with those genes of a dedicated Ferrari. With the supremely powerful 4.5-litre V8 engine, the maximum power output of the measures 605 CV at 9000 rpm coupled by a humongous torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rpm which makes the car a beast. These impressive figures are a result of the Split Injection control system that enables a superior mixing of fuel and air. Besides that, the car has been embedded with a combustion control system which uses ionizing currents and hence it gives a superior power output as well as an optimized fuel consumption.

Acceleration and Pick Up

The car has literally got racing DNA in every bit of its engine. Just a brief press on the accelerator and you can experience the thrill offered by this beast. Ferrari 458 can attain 0-100 km/hr mark in mere 3 seconds which is less than the time taken to write this line. The car can clock a top speed of 325 km/hr which is quite an exceptional figure.


Ferrari 458 has got enchanting looks all over the exteriors. The outside has got nearly everything perfectly right; from a futuristic front to sporty and dynamic side profile coupled with athletic looking rear. The air flows are directed along curves around the tail-lights and over the roof to ensure low drag coefficient. The rear features Kamm tail with a broad grille between the tail lights and twin exhaust which adds to the dynamism. The side channels are accentuated by the concave curves that ensures that the depression area remains uniform across the entire body. The elegant front bumper has been redesigned and now gets hold of 2 deep air outlets to channel away the air leaving the radiator.

Exterior Measurements

Ferrari 458 is no small coupe which is quite evident in its measurements.The dimensions of the car stand out to be 4571mm x 1951mm x 1203mm(L x W x H).The elongated wheelbase of the car measures 2650 mm which gives a superior aerodynamic stability to the car.


If you sit in Ferrari F430 and then step into 458, it appears as if you have traversed through 2 generations of Ferrari. The interior has been designed in such a way that aggrandizes the driving experience along with a supreme comfort and is a perfect amalgamation of modern design and ample cabin space. The cabin is as sumptuous as you will expect and has been finished with extensive use of Alcantra and carbon fibre. The cockpit exudes a sense of elegant handcrafted workmanship that is accentuated by the beautifully designed dashboard. The styling is same as the 458 Italia with more work on overlapping of materials to visually break up the volumes and enhance the comfort.

Interior Comfort

The cabin of Ferrari 458 is like an oasis of calm in this hectic world. Copious of comfort features have been installed inside the car which makes sure that you have the most comfortable ride even on the roughest terrains. Ample of cabin space and legroom has been provided inside alongwith the 2 generous body hugging seats that enhance the driving experience. The steering wheel inside has been suavely crafted and been mounted with several audio and cruise control functions. At the lower right of the car, the Manetinno commutator switch has been provided which monitors all performance settings.

Interior Measurements

The legroom and headroom provided in the car of this segment is appreciable. The boot space provided in the car measures 100 litres which might set a bit disgruntlement.

Engine and Performance

Ferrari has introduced High Emotions-Less Emissions system with Start&Stop technology that shuts down the engine during short stops and restarts it in mere 230 ms. The advanced engine deployed in Ferrari 458 produces a large torque and impressive power from low revs and it also keeps in check the exhaust emissions. The car is appointed with the trademark Ferrari 4.5 litre V8 engine which can churn out a maximum power of 605 cv at 9000 rpm alongwith a peak torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. The Split Injection control system that enables a superior mixing of fuel and air works in harmonics with been an advanced combustion control system which uses ionizing currents and hence it gives a superior power output as well as lower fuel consumption.


Ferrari 458 comes deployed with alloy wheels of size 20 inch which look dynamic even when the car is stationary. The measurements of the front tyres are 245/35 R20 while those in rear measure 305/30 R20.

Stereo and Accessories

This segment is one of the high points of the car. The car doesn't come with an inbuilt audio system but an optional high power JBL Professional System is available for the Spider version which comes with 11 powerful speakers and a 640 watt DSP amplifier which enhances the acoustic experience. An advanced telemetry system is optionally available that records to a USB stick and provides an interface for iPad connectivity. The advanced Manetinno commutator switch monitors all performance settings and can provide various relevant information to the driver.

Braking and Handling

You will be able to experience the sophistication and elegance offered by the car even on the roughest terrains and much credits for this goes to its advanced Magnetorheological suspension system which uses a fluid whose viscosity is changed by the magnetic field inside the damper. The revolutionary carbon ceramic braking system deployed in the 458 Speciale gives a superior control over the car. Besides that, the car has been embedded with Anti-Lock Breaking System and Electronic Stability Control(ESC) which further improve the handling.

Safety and Security

A car this fast needs to be equipped with some dedicated safety features. The Italian manufacturers haven't compromised safety and security with power and hi-tech features and they have incorporated the car with several safety equipments. The car has been embedded with dedicated front and side airbags for driver and passenger which ensures maximum safety in case of any inadvertent collision. The Side Slip Angle Control(SSC) monitors the car's slide slip angle and optimizes the torque management distributing it evenly which results in a superior control over the vehicle. The Anti Lock Breaking System works in harmonics with the Electronic Stability Control to inhibit the car from slipping and hence provides a superior adhesion.


  • Exceptional power and acceleration
  • Sleek body design


  • Very expensive
  • Infotainment features provided aren't enough