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Ferrari 458 Italia Review


Ferrari, the Italian automaker, is the most renowned name among the sports car manufacturers. The brand is known for creating fast and furious drives for more than 6 decades now and has been successful in stunning its customers with its creations. This absolutely elite brand introduced a mid-engined sports car the Ferrari 458 Italia to replace the already existing Ferrari F430. The car made its first official appearance at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show where it received overwhelming response from the auto enthusiasts. The 458 Italia is a perfect amalgamation of a absolutely new styling and advanced technologies. According to a British car magazine, the design of 458 Italia is inspired by the Millechili concept car and Enzo Ferrari. The features and exterior styling of the car encourage the extraordinary aerodynamic efficiency, apart from making it a stunner on track. The Ferrari 458 Italia could be defined as a modern representation of classic Ferrari models with ultimate features and mechanical majesty.

Engine, Mileage and Variants

Ferrari has packed its 458 Italia with an immensely powerful engine with 4499 cc displacement. The V8 Direct Injection Dry Sump configuration further exaggerate the efficiency of this sole engine and makes it capable of throwing a thrilling maximum power output measuring 562 hp at 9000 rpm along with equally impressive torque counting to 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. Needless to say that this huge engine shows the same competency in acceleration and pick up segments also. This drive races from naught to 100 kmph in mere 3.4 seconds while attaining a peak speed clocking to 320 kmph. Along with showing decent numbers in acceleration and pick up, the same is reflected inĀ  fuel consumption also with a combined average of 13.3 litres per 100 Kms.


Ferrari has employed one of the leading car designing firm, Pininfarina for designing the Ferrari 458 Italia, and it came up with an extravagant style which is perfect in every sense. The futuristic exterior styling of this new Ferrari drive flaunts the fierceness along with luxury, which is expected by the customers. The aggressive front styling of the drive features a flat undertray minus aero aids which generates more downforce than the replaced F430 while allowing more aerodynamic qualities. The efficiency of this Ferrari beauty is enhanced by moving the intakes for the engine bay cooling from the drive's rear flanks to its undertray. The inlet wings, with a touch of Enzo, of this Italian car angle air upwards to reduce drag at elevated speeds. Apart from all this, the car receives a muscular stance with its tall and flared rear. The overall dimensions carried by Ferrari 458 Italia are 4527 mm x 1937 mm x 1213 mm (L X W X H) along with wheelbase counting to 2650 mm. The stability is well-taken care by the 20-inch wheels along with 235/35 R20 rubber wrapping at the front and 295/35 R20 at the rear side.


The interior of the Ferrari 458 Italia offers an exclusive blend of modernity and premium styling. The cabin of the car seems ultimately driver-focused with the handcrafted workmanship and most of the controls on the steering wheel for the convenience of the driver. The carbon fibre seats of the cabin are quite comfortable and supportive. The projecting vents give an awesome appearance to the dashboard. The visual appeal of the cabin is not too appealing but still shows the sporty side. The company has offered the vast personalization scheme to decide the material and colour to design the own interiors. The luggage space offered in 458 Italia is pretty acceptable with some storage behind the seats.

Safety, Brakes and Miscellaneous

In order to provide a secure and reliable chassis, Ferrari has employed modern engineering and rigid material in the Ferrari 458 Italia. With an impressive top speed, the safety and braking system of the car cannot be kept at stake. The company has employed Carbon ceramic braking system on both the front side and rear side. Along with this, to safeguard the safety of its occupants, the car has stability control, F1 traction control, High-performance Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, side slip angle control and Magnetorheological suspension control with frequency analysis system and twin solenoids.


Ferrari 458 Italia is Ferrari's greatest achievement in building road cars. The 458 Italia is packed with advanced technologies and impressive practicality in order to deliver awesome pace. With excellent balance and stunning design, the car offers an overall accessible performance and superb handling. However, the setback is that the 458 Italia is not offered with a manual transmission option. Along with this, Ferrari has kept the cost of the car at the peak.