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DB9 Color Options

  • Metallic White

  • Morning Frost White

  • Midnight Blue

  • Meteorite Silver

  • Marron Black

  • Mako Blue

  • Madagascar Orange

  • Lightning Silver

  • Kopi Bronze

  • Jet Black

  • Hardly Green

  • Hammerhead Silver

  • Grey Bull

  • Divine Red

  • Diavolo Red

  • Concours Blue

  • Cobalt Blue

  • Chinagrey

  • Arizona Bronze

  • Appletree Green

Aston Martin DB9 Review


Entrenched in the year 1913, the Aston models have been a fantasy of every car enthusiast. Known for its performance rated drives, this exclusive British multi-national have been presenting some exotic drives since past a century and still there is no sign of dullness, and the reason being its true dedication and high quality bestowed to its models. Yet again with another masterpiece under its launching list, the brand is out with the new DB9. Introduced at the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show, the DB9 gained a huge fame for its potent power unit and astounding design, and now with the refreshed variant available in market, the brand is expecting the same response. Inspired from the past DB models, this speedy drive is bestowed with the charisma that the brand adds to its every model. VH body architecture of the car holds aluminum and magnesium composition, that adds to the strength and performance of the vehicle. Chrome embossed traditional Aston radiator grille and broad air intakes allows the car to be transported with ample air to the engine bay. Besides this, the aero kits installed in the car makes the most efficient use of the resistant air thus enhancing the aerodynamic trait of the car. Finely chiseled air vents and bonnet louvres imparts a sense of dynamism to the brutal drive. Apart from these, the smooth body lines and broad wheel arches throws a masculine look to the car. Elegant LED tail lamps jeweled to the rear, offer ample alertness to the rear traffic if there is any intension to stop. Conveying a harmonic essence, the interior of the car express a sporty and a plush trait inside. With upscale material used for the meticulous detailing, the cockpit of the car evokes your senses and makes you indulge in the sheer pleasure of driving. Driver oriented cockpit of the car comes with some decent trims that offers an easy functionality of the systems embedded. Leather wrapped seats of car comes with electronic functions, which alters the seating position according to the posture. Sporty designed steering wheel of the car comes with paddle shifter affixed to it, which eases the gear switching operation. Bang and Olufsen Beosound system of the car comes loaded with efficient acoustic lenses and ICE power technology, that spreads pure auditory all around. V12 grunting inside the dynamic hood holds an engine capacity of 5935cc, which allows it to blast a maximum power of 510 BHP at 6500 rpm. On the other hand, the robust power train of the car is availed with a rubber burning torque of 620 Nm at 5500 rpm. Holding such a blistering performance package, the Touchtronic 2 transmission mated with the motor allows the car to conclude a figure of 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds and at the same time it hammers on top speed of 295 km/h. In order to safeguard the occupants during this performance showcase, the brand has added some efficient safety factors to the car. Anti-lock braking system and electronic brakeforce distribution offers precise amount of braking pressure to each wheel, thus enhancing the braking performance of the vehicle. Dynamic stability control in combination with the Traction control maintains the stability of the vehicle while propelling in varied road condition. Aluminum composite high-strength body material and airbags equipped to the car ensures ample safety of the occupants during the event of crash.

Mileage and Fuel economy

Being a performance rated car, there should be least expectation of any fuel left in the tank after a decent drive. Delivering a blistering performance, the DB9 still manages to handover a combined mileage of 5.05 km/L.


Holding the credit of having the most powerful engine in the DB9's history, the potent power unit of the car cracks out a maximum power of 540 BHP at 67500 rpm. The rear wheel powered drive geometry of the car is availed with a rubber burning torque of 620 Nm at 5500 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup

Delivering such a staggering performance, the DB9 strikes a figure of 100 kmph in an astounding 4.5 seconds and at the same time with efficient body dynamics, the propulsion only comes to an end at 295 kmph.


With perfectly proportioned exterior trims, this timeless beauty comes in two eye popping variants, one being the coupe and later being the traditional Volante. Echoing the classic DB models, the brand has added the elegance of its past models, thus making the model a piece of absolute panache. Expressing the majestic look, the superior design of the new DB9 is the combination of art and science. VH body structure of the car comes with aluminum and magnesium composition, thus offering a robust body architecture. Traditional Aston radiator grille and bumper integrated spoilers enhance the charisma of the dynamic front. Broad air intakes chiseled to the front allows the car to draw ample air to the engine bay. Chrome tinted air vents engraved to the fender area reveals the performance factor it is loaded with. Sculpted hood of the car has bonnet louvres embedded to it that adds to the bolds look of the car. Kamm tail structure and the long wheel base imparts the true essence of coupe in the car. Efficient aero kits installed in the car makes the most use of the striking air, thus enhancing the aerodynamic character of the vehicle. Elegant tail lamps and rear bumper integrated exhaust tail tips throws a sense of sportiness to the car.

Exterior Measurements

With perfectly proportioned body architecture, the DB9 holds a precise dimensional figure of 4720mm X 2061mm X 1282mm (LXWXH). Wheelbase of the 2740mm makes the drive stable enough while maneuvering at sharp corners.


Considering the meticulous finish, the interior of the car is the amalgamation of sportiness and luxury. Upscale material used inside makes you feel wrapped with luxury all around. Driver oriented cockpit of the car is loaded with some efficient trims, that makes you indulge in the sheer pleasure of driving. Leather wrapped seats of the car comes with electronically controlled function, that makes you feel comfortable even at adverse road condition. Sporty steering wheel of the car comes affixed with paddle shifters, that offers a brisk switching of gears. High quality trims used to the interior evokes your senses and allows you to have an easy system functionality. Multi- tone dash surface and gloss finish to the controls offers luxurious essence all in the car. Besides this, the innovative infotainment system of the car creates an efficient man-machine interface.

Interior Comfort

Generous interior of the car comes with decent comfort factors, that adds to the practicality factor of the vehicle. Leather tailored arm rest of the car hides innovative space for bottle and other basic amenities, thus making it an ideal drive for long tours. Efficient air conditioning system of the car comes with automatic temperature control, that spreads a pleasant and soothing aura all around. Electrically adjustable seats of the car automatically alters the seating position according to the seating posture, thus offering maximum comfort even at adverse road condition. Auto dimming interior mirror of the car prevents the glare caused by the rear traffic thus offering a nourished visibility factor.

Interior Measurements

Accommodating 2+2 passengers at a time, the capacious interior of the car comes with decent spaces for leg and headrooms. In order to settle your heavy load of luggage and make it practical according to the day to day need, the car comes with a decent boot volume of 197-litres.

Engine and Performance

Roaring inside the dynamic hood is a mighty V12 which holds an engine capacity of 5935cc. Re-engineered to perfection this all-alloy motor of the DB9 churns out a maximum power of 510 BHP at 6500 rpm. Laying patch on the tarmac, the efficient power train of the car is availed with a peak torque of 620 Nm at 5500 rpm, which allows it to deliver a staggering performance. Mated with the potent power house is a Touchtronic 2 transmission, that allows the driver to experience a brisk and effortless switching of gears.

Stereo and Accessories

In order to fulfill the entertainment factor, the brand has equipped the iconic Bang and Olufsen sound system to the cockpit. This 1000-watt auditory system comes with high performance output unit, which transforms the whole cabin in to a concert hall. ICE power technology of the car comes with acoustic lenses that offers quality auditory all around. This iconic audio system is tinted with chrome assents that matches the plush aura inside. On the other hand, the Dolby Pro logic sound system of the car comes as standard to this model. In addition to this it also holds 3.5mm jack and USB connector, thus allowing you to plug-in any external device and switch to your choice of genres.


Five spoke machine finished alloys of the car comes in rim size of 20-inch. These silver tinted rollers are wrapped over by a Pirelli P Zero all-season tyre with a size of 245/35 ZR20 at the front and 295/30 ZR20 to the rear.

Braking and Handling

In order to put a halt to the blistering performance, the car comes with a revolutionary carbon ceramic matrix brakes, which offers a high performance braking trait. Double wishbones mounted to the corners comes coupled with 3-stage adaptive damping system. The Normal, Sport and Track modes of the car alters the ride characteristics according to the vehicle speed and road condition.

Safety and Security

So as to make the occupants prone to fatal accidents, the vehicle comes loaded with some efficient and effective safety factors. Anti-lock braking system and electronic brakeforce distribution system equipped in the car prevents the wheel locking , thus maintaining the stability of the drive during instant braking condition. Traction control system installed in the car coordinates the engine torque and suspension characteristic thus offering ample grip to the vehicle while maneuvering critical turns. VH body structure of the car concludes composite body material which absorbs the impact caused during instant collision, thus allowing the occupants to escape severe injuries. Besides this the package of air bag equipped to the front and side also nourishes the safety of the occupants during the event of collision. In order to safeguard the vehicle against thievery, the DB9 comes equipped with engine immobilization system and vehicle security alarm.


  • Elegant look
  • Potent engine
  • Brisk handling


  • Lacks mileage
  • Steep price
  • Small trunk space

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