SYM Bikes Indonesia 2022

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Currently 7 SYM bikes are available for sale in Indonesia. The SYM Cruisym 300i, SYM GTS 250i, SYM Maxsym 400i are the most popular SYM bikes.

SYM offers 7 Scooter (SYM Cruisym 300i, GTS 250i, Maxsym 400i, Joyride 200i, Jet 14, Attila Venus 125i, Maxsym 600i) in the country. Check SYM bikes Loan Package Price and Cheap Installments at the nearest SYM bike Dealer.

SYM Scooter Indonesia Price List 2022

SYM scooter prices start at for the most inexpensive model SYM Jet 14 and goes up to Rp 141,8 Million for the most expensive scooter model SYM Jet 14.There are 3 SYM scooters available in Indonesia, check out all scooter models November 2022 price below.

SYM Scooter Models Price List
SYM Cruisym 300i Rp 67,7 Million
SYM GTS 250i Rp 67 Million
SYM Maxsym 400i Rp 110 Million
SYM Joyride 200i Rp 43 Million
SYM Jet 14
SYM Attila Venus 125i Rp 23,8 Million
SYM Maxsym 600i Rp 141,8 Million

SYM Bike Dealers

Contact your nearest dealer from 12 authorized SYM bike dealers across 11 cities in Indonesia for best offers on your new bike.

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7 SYM Bikes Indonesia 2022