Lambretta Bikes Indonesia 2024

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Currently 3 Lambretta bikes are available for sale in Indonesia. The Lambretta V200 Special, Lambretta V125 Special, Lambretta V50 Special are the most popular Lambretta bikes.

Lambretta offers 3 Scooter (Lambretta V200 Special, V125 Special, V50 Special) in the country. Check Lambretta bikes Loan Package Price and Cheap Installments at the nearest Lambretta bike Dealer.

Lambretta Scooter Indonesia Price List 2024

Lambretta scooter prices start at for the most inexpensive model Lambretta V50 Special and goes up to Rp 52,5 Million for the most expensive scooter model Lambretta V50 Special.There are 3 Lambretta scooters available in Indonesia, check out all scooter models April 2024 price below.

Lambretta Scooter Models Price List
Lambretta V200 Special Rp 52,5 Million
Lambretta V125 Special Rp 44,5 Million
Lambretta V50 Special

Lambretta Indonesia Line-up

Lambretta Scooter Lambretta V200 Special, V125 Special, V50 Special
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3 Lambretta Bikes Indonesia 2024

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