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  • White Eldorado

Moto Guzzi California Review


Moto Guzzi California has a history of four decades. It was ruling the roads with high power twin-cylinder engine and the signature styling of Moto Guzzi. The latest version of it features 1380 cc V-Twin engine delivering the power of 95.2HP and Torque of 120Nm. Twin exhaust mufflers with chrome plating and the splendid image created on the road with distinguishable dimensions and classic styling combined with the latest technology in use make it a distinct bike.


California is a legendary bike which gave an unprecedented brand image for Motto Guzzi. The first version of it was introduced forty years back as a special design bike for the Los Angelis Police with name tag Ambassador. Initially, it was introduced with 700cc engine later on new generation engines with 800cc, 1000 cc, 1100 cc were introduced. The present generation of California uses 1.3L V-twin engine.


California is a classical styling bike acknowledged across the globe. The large dimensional features gave it the uniqueness among the crowd. Main dimensional features of the bike include LengthX WidthX Height as 2445X1030X1460MM and saddle height 740mm adjustable up to 720mm. The ground clearance of 165mm in this bike is a standard height suitable for average road conditions. The double exhaust is Chrome plated, and a windshield is provided for ease of focusing during riding at high speeds. The sleek design of utility box agreeably placed at the rear gives the perfect impression of smooth flow design principle of California. Headlights with standard design and chrome plated indicator lamp enhance the image created by frontal design.

Engine, Economy and Performance

California features the famous V-Twin engine with 1380cc capacity delivering the power of 95.2HP at 6500RPM. The high power output with a torque of 120Nm at 2750 RPM. The engine is designed to respond to acceleration inputs at very low RPM. Smooth and quicker responsive engine quicker pick up of speed from idling to high-speed cruising. The California can easily reach the top speed of 170 to 190kmph. The comparatively high fuel consumption of the engine is accompanied with 20.5-liter fuel tank assures long drives of order 300kms in one full tank. The high power engine is mated with 6-speed manual transmission with final overdrive. Designed to perfection, it delivers maximum torque at the rear wheel.


The superior quality of the engine and the overall vehicle dynamics makes every ride a pleasant experience with this bike. Traction control can be adjusted at three stages for convenience of riding in uphill tasks and wet road conditions. The rider seating position is designed in such a way so as to get best possible posture for the rider. The firm grip of the wide tyres and the super precision dynamics assure perfect ride on sharp turns and long rides. The front suspension feature standard swingarm with radial caliper mounting and rear suspension has swing arm double suspension that absorbs all road shocks keeping the rider at comfort. Front tyre with rating 130/70 R18 and the rear tyre with 200/60 R16 provides best of ride quality. The perfect seating provided for the pillion is extremely comfortable. Further, Moto Guzzi offers customization to change any of the features according to needs and desires of the customers thus assuring complete satisfaction with each ride.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

California has traction control as standard in both Tourer and Custom variants. Traction control enables for adjusting the ride condition according to the path of travel. Cruise control makes the ride easy during long stretch highway riding where there won’t be much need of applying brakes. The front brakes fitted with 320mm stainless steel floating discs with Brembo radial calipers. Rear Brakes fitted with 282mm stainless steel fixed disc Brembo Floating with 2 pistons.


California rules the road with its classic styling and unsurpassed powerful twin cylinder engine. The 1.4L engine that can easily cruise a car with all five passengers in it can certainly make each ride an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

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