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Kawasaki Ninja 300 Review


For Decades, Kawasaki remained the sole manufacturers of small scale sports bike, aimed to give bike lovers a mild taste of racing. The Ninja 250 had an iconic run until Kawasaki launched its worth successor, Ninja 300. Launched in 2013, Ninja 300 was Kawasaki's answer against Honda's CBR 500R. And this Japanese manufacturer was able to knock out Honda CBR500R by upping the ante and instead of going the traditional single-cylinder way, Kawasaki packed more punch in this parallel twin-equipped product. The best stepping stone for amateur riders who want to quench their racing thrust, this bike has a perfect blend of all – top performance, agile handling and economic price.


Though the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a beginner bike, it does not have the looks of it, instead, it looks like a killer bike on the track. Ninja 300's design aesthetics is borrowed from its elder sibling Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, the 600cc monster. Ninja 300 has received extensive modifications to distinct its look from Ninja 250R. The front cowl with twin headlamp is taken from ZX-10R. The Ninja 300 gets a new 17 inches 10-spoke alloy wheels that bestow it a sharp look. The sculpted tank, leading back into split seats and sharply styles tail accentuates 300's sporty look. The bike sports a modern floating windscreen design that helps in reducing turbulence and saves the rider from experiencing fatigue. Aggressive dual-lamp headlight design, minimalist tail section and separate seats further enhance this sportbike’s aggressive appearance. The bike also features a multifunction digital display features an easy-to-read speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, digital clock and warning lights

Engine, Economy & Performance

To break away from the shadow of Ninja 250R, Kawasaki engineers packed the Ninja 300 with plenty of thrusts and equipped it with a leading 296cc liquid-cooled DOHC, 8-valve parallel twin engine, that is designed with the sole purpose to offer massive power. The engine can generate maximum power of 39HP in 11,000 rpm and a peak torque of 27NM in 10,000 rpm. The progressive cylinder head design delivers a plenty of low- and mid-range power and rubber engine mounting reduce vibrations. Mated with a 6-speed gearbox, which ensure smooth and well-weighted shifts. High-tech pistons of the engine contribute in reducing reciprocating weight and feature a hard anodized coating to minimize friction and boost performance at every rpm.


The Ninja series has long been a pinnacle as far as motorcycle handling characteristics are concerned. A tasteful blend of well-proportioned dynamics, adequate weight distribution, and ergonomic handlebar and footpeg location help the rider to chuck the bike into a corner at speeds that one could never manage on any other competitor. The Kawasaki Ninja 300's smooth six-speed gearbox delivers silky smooth shifting of gears and reduces friction. The advanced Six-speed transmission features a roller-type shift drum for smooth actuation and strong gears for maximum durability. It also offers a wide selection of ratios to match varied riding conditions and its positive neutral finder makes it easy to find neutral when stopped. Involute splines minimize friction and backlash between gears and shafts for easy gear-meshing and smooth shifting under power. The clutch design also makes it easy to modulate and helps reduce the effect of back-torque for reduced wheel-hop when downshifting.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

Kawasaki has always focused on safety as a priority. The Ninja series by this Japanese maker is an exemplary example of top performance with utmost safety. The Ninja 300 braking mechanism is very sophisticated, and is equipped with disc brakes with dual-piston calipers in both front and rear, that can standstill the bike with just a slight push. The bike is also installed with an advanced Slipper Clutch technology that during sudden deceleration, the slipper function allows some clutch slippage to help prevent engine lock-up, stalling and rear-wheel hop so you can ride more confidently. The Ninja 300 is also blessed with widest tyres and wheelbase, that not only accentuates its look but also bestow a sturdy grip on road and during turns,


The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a perfect bike for all those who are taking their first steps in the racing arena. This Baby ninja not only gives you an experience on the fast and furious ride but keeping you safe too. In this price range, Ninja 300 is the best beginners bike for any amateur rider.

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