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BMW F 700 GS Review


BMW 700 GS is another engaging offering by the Bavarian Motor group with a moderately powerful engine, light weight structure allowing for easy manoeuvring, ABS and traction control adding to the off-roading capabilities and a low price tag for a BMW. Having a fun to ride element and being a virtuoso in performing sudden stops and turns, it has earned itself the title of the urban commuter.


Replacing the old F650GS twin, the F700 is another addition to the series. Apart from the F650GS, F800 is also offered with the same engine displacement as F700 but with higher power output. Apart from the power output, several other differences may be seen such as a longer suspension travel, gruntier tyres making the elder sibling to be seen as a serious off-roader.


The bike extends a sporty aura with its smoke-tinted turn indicators, elegant windshield design, stylish dial faces and the LED lights acting as icing on the cake. BMW 700 GS measures 2280 mm in length, 880 mm width inclusive of mirrors, and 1215 mm in height. While unladen, it weighs 209 kg whereas its dry weight is 186 kg. Its steel trellis frame gives it a technical look making it resemble an adventure bike. BMW gives you a long array of options for personalizing your vehicle according to your individual preferences. The 2015 model will be available in new paint finishes like Alpine White, Black Storm Metallic, Racing Red, and Racing Blue Metallic Matte.

Engine, Economy and Performance:

F700 sits over a 798cc, 8-valve water cooled parallel engine spewing a power of 75 hp. Although, the power output feels strong when you are in the city but if you continuously rev it up, you will start to feel a block as the power will tail off sharply. Despite its pictures on gravel tracks and rocky shores, the natural land of this F700 GS is the urban street. Let's not get swayed away by all the show, the F700 is predominantly a street bike with adventure tweaks. With the placement of the engine under the seat, the centre of gravity is further lowered. If we look at the fuel consumption figures, no matter the type of condition, it can return upto 60 mpg.


Handling this country boy on twisty lanes seems great requiring little effort, thanks to its light-weight structure and wide bars making B-road cornering pretty easy. Passing herds of cars in the urban jungle seems even easier with the narrow frame and good brakes. Its seat height has two options: 32-inch and 31-inch. The upright sitting position feels comfortable even on rough roads with excellent visibility.

Safety, Braking and miscellaneous:

With the inclusion of ABS and traction control, it displays decent stopping power. With the suspension travel being only 7 inches or so for the front and rear, it may feel to be compromised. Brakes, however, are improved with an extra 12 inch (300mm) Brembo up front. Even if you are riding with a pillion, the retardation power is decent. The optional packs include electronic suspension (ESA), tyre-pressure monitoring, and ASA traction control, heated grips etc. which may further improve the safety and ride comfort.


Even with the pillion rider seated behind, you can count on F700 GS to quickly pull past those four-wheelers on the road but if you are planning a long trip over it, reconsider. With pillion and luggage over long distances, it might give the output you might have expected from its 75 hp 798 cc engine. Although it may look like an off-roader but don't get deceived by its looks, it's the urban street cruiser. With agility, sleekness, light weight and an enthusiastic engine, it would be worth the buy.