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    Diesel Variants
    • 1597 cc, Diesel
      Rp 248 million*
    • 1597 cc, Diesel
      Rp 260 million*



Exora Bold & Prime Color Options

  • Brown

  • Tranquity Black

  • Solid White

  • Plum Red

  • Genetic Silver

  • Elegant Brown

  • Cocoa Grey

  • Absloute Brown

Proton Exora Bold & Prime Review


Proton is a Malaysian automaker which has carved a niche in domestic market by providing top-notch vehicles to its customers. This brand launched the Exora in the year 2009. This variant was appreciated not only in the Malaysia market but also in the international market wherever it was launched including Indonesia. Exora is the first Proton product to use the very advanced CamPro CFE turbo engine. Exora MPV comes in 2 variants, namely Bold and Prime. The Bold variant is the base trim, whereas, the Prime carries more features and flaunts luxury. Both of these variants went through various face lifts from time to time to meet the requirements of the customers and give a tough competition to the same segment automakers.
Bold & Prime have a power packed soul beneath their bonnets. The 1.6-litre turbocharged engine of Exora MPV churns out an impressive maximum power which counts to 138 hp at 5000 rpm and a maximum torque measuring 205 Nm at 2000 rpm. The CFE technology embedded in this engine delivers more power and performance along with low fuel consumption.
This vehicle flaunts sporty structure with decent features at its exterior to attract the customers. Made with high tensile material, this vehicle protects the occupants in an event of collision by absorbing the impact. Its bold fenders and bodylines catch the first glimpse of your sight. Rear spoiler is also employed for better performance . A wiper at rear windshield and side mounted lights are given in Bold & Prime. The interior of this MPV is as good and elegant as its exterior. Comfort factor is kept intact while designing the interior. The premium leather seats of this vehicle keep you relaxed during a long drive. The Bold trim has 7 seat arrangement and the Prime has 6 seating facility. The Prime allows a passage between the second row seats to make it convenient for both of the third row passengers. Decent safety features are provided in this vehicle for the protection of both, the passengers and the vehicle.

Mileage and Fuel economy

Proton Exora Bold & Prime comes packed with 1.6-litre engine. The CFE technology of this engine allows it to be more powerful and fuel efficient. On an average this engine sips 7.8-litres of fuel to deliver a drive measuring 100 kms which is quite good. The maximum fuel carried by this Proton product is 55 litres at a time.


Both of the Proton Exora trims, The Bold & Prime, have 1.6-litre Turbo powerhouse. The much appreciated Campro Charge Fuel Efficiency engine is embedded in these variants. The maximum power output delivered by this engine is 138 hp at 5000 rpm along with a maximum torque measuring 205 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Acceleration & Pickup

Proton Exora Bold & Prime houses 1.6-litre turbo engine under their hoods. This engine has a decent acceleration and pick up considering the overall weight and dimensions of the vehicle. This CFE engine accelerates in 11.3 seconds from a halt position and reach the 100 kmph point with a top speed of 185 kmph.


Talking about the exterior of Proton Exora Bold & Prime, this sporty MPV has got elegant front with glossy black grille. The upper grille is chrome surrounded with Proton insignia plotted in the centre. Dark side pillars and bold fenders confirm that this family vehicle doesn't agree on a boring look. An antenna, right above in the centre of front windshield, is employed so that the entertainment may not be interrupted dur to network issues. This vehicle has bold bodylines to flaunt a style statement among the other MPVs. The Prime variant has gold finished large wheels to give a distinguised look to this high end variant. Side mounted lights, spoiler and a wiper for windshield, this is what you notice at the rear of Bold & Prime.

Exterior Measurements

Proton Exora Bold & Prime are MPVs which can be easily recognized on road, thanks to its dimensions. Both of the trims carry overall exterior dimensions measuring 4592 mm x 1809 mm x 1691 mm (L x W x H). 2730 mm of wheelbase is provided in this vehicle which makes sure that the occupants get comfortable legroom and headroom.


The interior of Proton Exora Bold & Prime look luxurious with all the features provided within. The Bold trim is a 7-seater whereas the Prime has 6 seats in all with captain seats in the second row for more comfort. Though, the prime has lesser seats but it allows more space for the second row occupants and gives a convenient passage space to reach to the third row seats. The seats of these MPVs are covered with dual-tone combination leather which makes the interior look graceful. Steering wheel and gearshift knob also come covered with leather to add more grace. The Bold variant carries a chrome finshed panel and the Prime has an elite looking wood finished panel. The dashboard of this vehicle is designed beautifully and in such a way that it doesn't look cluttered. The Bold variant has a roof mounted DVD along with its entertainment system and the Prime trim comes with advanced features including 2 LCD monitors at the back of both front headrests to deliver a fun filled ride.

Interior Comfort

Comfort of passengers is taken care of in the Proton Exora Bold & Prime. The wheelbase of these Proton products have decent dimensions which allows comfortable headroom and legroom for all the passengers. The leather covered comfortable seats of Bold & Prime would make you feel cozy and relaxed during long drives. Also, ample space for your luggage is provided in these MPVs. The second and third row seats can be folded to create more space for luggage. The high tensile structure of these MPVs make sure to absorb the impact of any collision or hit and safeguard the passengers.

Interior Measurements

Proton Exora Bold & Prime has decent interior which offer ample space to the occupants and their luggage. These MPVs come with a boot space of 132 litres which can be further enhanced to a maximum of 705 with its rear seats folded. Some surplus storage is also provided in form of glove box and cup holders inside the cabin to store petty things.

Engine and Performance

Bold & Prime are powered by 1.6-litre CFE Turbo powerhouse which is capable of churning out power equivalent to that of a 2.0-litre engine. The best part of having CFE technology is that it allowed more power and performance with less fuel consumption. This 1.6-litre powerhouse generates a peak power measuring 138 hp at 5000 rpm along with a peak torque clocking 205 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Stereo and Accessories

Proton Exora Bold & Prime are not among those MPVs which have the best in class entertainment system but still these vehicle have some facilities on board to kill the boredom of the occupants while riding. The Bold trim has got Bluetooth and MP3 so that you may enjoy music of your choice. A roof mounted DVD player is also provided in this variant. The Prime trim shares the entertainment system with Bold and additionally has GPS system for navigation and 2 LCD head rest monitors at the back of both the front seats for the entertainment of rear seat passengers.


Proton Exora Bold & Prime has large 16-inch wheels which add to the aesthetic value of this MPV. These wheels are complemented with tires measuring 205/55 R16 so that this vehicle may have a firm grip while running on any pathway. To add some distinction, the Prime variant comes with gold-finished wheels which makes it look more elegant.

Braking and Handling

These Proton MPVs are equipped with disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear pair for effective braking. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is also provided to ensure the control over this vehicle while applying emergency brakes at high speeds. Proton Exora Bold & Prime get good handling with McPherson suspension system at front and Torsion Beam suspension at rear. These suspension systems ensure that the vehicle is handled well even while running on high speed.

Safety and Security

Safety and security of the vehicle and its occupants is one of the prime concerns of Proton Exora Bold & Prime engineers. These MPVs are moderately equipped with safety features like dual front airbags for both of the front seats occupants and 7 seat belts for all the passengers. Fog lamps are employed at the front of Bold & Prime so that the driver has clear visibility during foggy weather. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) keep the vehicle under control after application of sudden brakes on elevated speed and also while running on slippery terrains. Not only this, these Proton products also have reverse camera which assists the driver in reversing the vehicle safely.


  • Decent interior
  • Powerful engine


  • Not-very-appealing entertainment system
  • Single engine availability
  • Base variant lacks some essential features

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