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Mercedes Benz Maybach Review


Being pioneer in manufacturing luxury cars, the Merc came into existence with its exquisite luxury rides in the year 1926. Debuted as the iconic “Ponton”, the Merc started its executive car tour in the year 1954. In 2015, Merc announced the unveiling of the all new Maybach, available as Maybach S 600, representing advanced flamboyance, designed to be pitched against Rolls Royce Ghost and Bentley Flying Spur. Carrying fine body proportions, the exterior of the Maybach is the result of result of refined craftsmanship done in the in-house plant of the Merc. Three dimensional radiator grille with wide open air intakes allows the car to be transported with ample air to the engine bay for cooling as well as gasping. Extended bonnet of the car is finely chiseled, which carries the brand's traditional logo, thus imparting the pride and dignity which the brand holds in the market. Intelligent LED head lamps are nicely jeweled to the front fascia that apart from nourishing the visibility also enhance the elegance of the car. Body lines and seamless roof of the car adds nicely to the aerodynamic factor of the vehicle. Besides this, the Bi-colour tail lamps of the car are elegantly harmonized to the rear that offers ample alertness to the rear traffic if there is any intention to stop. Chrome tinted exhaust tail ends and broad wheel arches of the car imparts a sporty sense to the dynamic silhouette. Plush look of the car transfers its trait to the interior also. Up-scale materials used into the car makes you feel wrapped with luxury all around. Panoramic sunroof of the car has sliding function that lets fresh air to rush in, thus spreading a soothing aura. Diamond stitched seats of the car comes with electronic adjustment and massage function, that makes you feel cozy all inside even at harsh road conditions. Wooden carving done to the dash surface makes you experience the sheer pleasure of the luxury it is packed with. Burmester sound system of the car comes with 24 speaker arrangement that allows you to experience quality auditory all inside. Hi-tech console of the car offers easy functionality of the systems, thus availing you with a nice human-machine interface. The massive V12 engine roofed under the dynamic hood holds gasping capacity of 6.0-litres which allows it to grunt out a maximum power of 530 hp at 4900-5300 rpm along with a peak torque of 830 Nm at 1900-4000 rpm. With AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed sports transmission mated with potent engine, the Merc hits a figure of 100 km/hr from halt in just 5 seconds and at the same time it cruises to attain a top speed of 250 km/h. Loaded with hi-tech features, the brand has not missed to add some efficient safety features to the vehicle. LED intelligent light system of the car alters the light beam according to the traffic condition, thus offering easy visibility even at adverse dark conditions. Active lane assist and Active blind spot assist of the car alerts the driver if there is any vehicle propelling in the blind spot area. 360º camera equipped in the car comes with display unit to the cabin, that allows you to escape from tight parking lots. Package of airbags and rigid body architecture of the car allows the occupants to escape frontal collision.

Mileage and Fuel economy:

With the guiding principle 'The best or nothing', the brand has loaded the new Maybach with some decent efficiency boosting mechanisms. Systematic use of the lightweight materials comprising of aluminum parts and efficiently guided spray distribution through piezo injection, led the combustion stoichiometry to even more great success. Holding such mileage boosting mechanisms, the new Maybach delivers a combined mileage of 10.24 kmpl.


Settled with a massive 6.0 litre V12 engine, the new Maybach grunts out a maximum power of 530 hp at 4900-5300 rpm along with 830 Nm of peak torque at 1900-4000 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup:

Combining these performance boosting factors and being mated with the AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed sports transmission, the potent power house of the car allows it to score a figure of 100 km/h from naught in staggering 5 seconds. On the other hand, with efficient body dynamics implanted in it, Maybach hits to a top speed of 250 km/hr.


Trendsetting exterior design is the result of fine craftsmanship done to the Maybach. Imparting stylish poise with sporty elegance, this plush drive makes it stand among the eye popping models of the Merc line up. Three dimensional radiator grille with chrome tinting done to it throws a sense of plushness to the serene beauty. Apart from offering ample visibility the innovative headlamps jeweled to the front fascia adds nicely to the elegant silhouette. Chrome garnishing done to the window areas revels the luxury and comfort it holds all inside. Broad air intakes chiseled to the reinforced front bumpers imparts a sense of masculinity and avails the engine with sufficient air for cooling as well as gasping. Elegant body lines unifying the protruded wheel arches convey a message of power package loaded to it. Rear view mirrors ornate with puddle lamps look equally appealing to the flamboyant silhouette. Besides imparting elegance, the seamless roof and side lines nourish the aerodynamic trait of the car. Bi-colour tail lamps and chrome dipped exhaust tail ends underlines its position as one among world's leading saloon.

Exterior Measurements:

Enigma behind its elegant persona is the fine body dimension given to Maybach. Robust body architecture of the car holds a precise body dimensional count of 5453 mm X 1899 mm X 1498 mm (L x W x H). The wheelbase provided measures 3365 mm which makes provisions for ample cabin space inside.


With cutting edge interior features, the all new Maybach provides a perfectly comfortable mobile working area. Sophisticated luxury interior of the car has some finely proportioned trims that makes the interior aura no less than a plush lounge. With diamond design given to the Nappa leather upholstery, the supple seats of the car comes with electronically controlled comfort parameters that make you feel cozy even in adverse road conditions. In order to avail you with a sporty aura, the car comes with AMG package that includes sporty steering wheel and seats, thus availing you a sports car feel. Wooden carving done to the dash unit makes you feel wrapped with luxury all around. Optional Chauffeur package of the car avails you with an additional foot room, thus offering a comfort of the highest levels.

Interior Comfort:

Being bestowed with efficient comfort factors, Maybach holds the first class business class. Hi-tech rear console of the car comes with gadgetry application that offers an efficient human-machine interface. Comfortable seats of the car has memory function that automatically alters the seating position according to the posture. Energizing massage function of the car includes two hot relaxing massage programs, that makes you feel cocooned all inside. Thermally heated front and rear seats of the car comes with seat ventilation and seat heating that offers comfortable warmth even at adverse weather condition. Modular spaces near the arm rest area allows you to settle useful amenities required during travel.

Interior Measurements:

Generous interior of the car avails you with ample space for leg and headroom, thus making you feel cozy all in the interior. Boot space of 530-litres would be ample enough to settle your heavy baggage, thus making it ideal for long travels.

Engine and Performance:

With unrivalled design, the dynamically chiselled hood of Maybach accommodates V12 engine geometry that holds a 6.0-litre engine. Offering seemingly limitless power, the mighty power unit of Maybach knocks out a maximum power of 530 hp at 4900-5300 rpm along with 830 Nm of peak torque at 1900-4000 rpm. Mated with the potent power house is the AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed sports transmission that offers an easy and brisk switching of gears.

Stereo and Accessories:

In order to match the plush interior of the car, Maybach is equipped with the iconic Burmester sound system that avails you with quality auditory. 24 loud speaker arrangement of the car comes with front bass that makes a unique standard in the terms of auditory. 3D technology of the car comes with tweeters that offers utmost pleasure making you avail even with the pin drop sounds, thus enhancing the sound quality. This high-end sound system of the car has audio outputs engraved to the door panels that are garnished with chrome and steel ascents, thus matching the luxurious aura.


Machine designed 20 inch alloys of the car are wrapped over by a tyre size of 245/40 R20, which offer ample rolling stability.

Braking and Handling:

AMG ceramic high-performance compound brakes of the car comes installed with anti-lock braking system that limits the wheel locking thus maintaining the stability of vehicle during instant braking condition. Innovative suspension system of the car detects the road bumps through stereo camera fitted to it thus adjusting the suspension system accordingly. AIRMATIC suspension of the car comes with adaptive damping system which alters the ride characteristic according to the road condition.

Safety and Security:

LED Intelligent light system of the car provides automatic high beam control that allows you to pave even the tricky ways. PRE-SAFE plus system of the car comprises radar sensors to alerts the driver for any rear end collision. Crosswind assist system of the car manages the brakes if it encounters any cross wind action occurring during the event of propulsion. Optional night view assist system of the car allows the driver to spot animals or obstacles in the night, thus reducing the risk of accidents during dark conditions. Active lane keeping assist and Active Blind Spot Assist makes the driver aware about the traffic propelling in the blind spot area. Efficient package of air bags and robust architecture of the body ensures ample safety of the occupants during the event of any frontal collision. 360º camera of the car comes in combination with a display unit allowing you to escape tight parking lots with ease.


  • Vast array of hi-tech features
  • Elegant exterior
  • Potent engine


  • Steep price
  • High maintenance

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