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Mazda 8 Review


Rooted in the year 1920, Mazda cars have been a forever desire and dream of many. Being one of the eminent producer of Wankel engine powered vehicle, this Japanese marque has set up a unique fame of itself by producing high performance cars. After trying its fate in high performance cars, Mazda stepped in to the production of mid-size segments and commercial vehicles, since then this Japanese multi national has not stepped back and surely this would be the reason for the booming up of the brand. Now with its decent number of vehicles on the road, the brand has not ended up and still is producing couple of decent models, one such model is the newly listed Mazda 8. With its flamboyant looks and unique features, this MPV has already set a huge uproar in the market and still many things are yet to happen. Introduced in the year 1989, this front engined car has came to its third generation. Dynamic body work and efficient dynamics given to it makes it stand out from its rivals. Chrome embossed radiator grille with elegantly designed headlamps adds to the sleek silhouette of the car. Besides this, the rear combination lamps and high mounted rear spoilers adds a masculine trait to the car. Step in to the interior and you could feel a roomy atmosphere inside. With ergonomically arranged controls the brand has managed the interior space of the car, thus offering ample space for 7 occupants at a time. 3-spoke steering wheel and vibrant shades to the dash surface enhance the driving pleasure and giving a luxurious touch to the cabin. Apart from these the recliner seating arrangement of the car offers you full fledged comfort and keeps you cocooned in any harsh conditions. The decent interface of the car avails you with almost all useful parameters. MZR 2.3-litre engine roofed under the hood churns out a maximum power of 120 kW at 6500 rpm. At the same time with front wheel drive arrangement, the wheels are availed with a peak torque of 203 Nm at 3500 rpm. Housing sequential valve timing technology, the car delivers a decent mileage of 7.9 km/l. Anti-lock braking system equipped to the ventilated discs prevents the wheel locking conditions and limits the risk of skidding. Air bags packed to the vehicle, offers ample safety while encountering collisions. Engine immobilizer system ensures ample safety against vehicle thievery. 

Mileage and Fuel economy

Since it is an multi purpose vehicle, an acute consideration is given to raise the fuel economy of vehicle. Sequential valve timing (SVT) technology housed inside the engine alters the valve opening and closing thus improving the combustion stoichiometry of the engine. Variable intake system equipped to the motor avails the engine with appropriate air charge thus nurturing the combustion process. Electronic throttle control precisely gasps the charge thus reducing the wastage of fuel and improving the mileage to a decent combined figure of 7.9 km/l.


The 2.3-litre in-line gasoline engine housed under the hood knocks out a maximum power of 120 kW at 6500 rpm. The front engine front wheel drive arrangement of the 8 is availed with a peak torque of 203 Nm at 3500 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup

5-Speed Activematic transmission mated with the powerplant allows the Mazda 8 to hit 0-100 km/h in just 8.3 seconds. At the same time, with efficient dynamics and improved power package the propulsion only comes to an end at 200 km/h.


The new Mazda 8 is built for those who desire a real MPV. With sophisticated design and added chrome accents to the body, the new MPV throws a bit luxurious persona to the viewer. Sleek radiator grille with brand's insignia on it allows the car to avail with ample air to the engine bay. Wide air inlets with honey comb matrix offers a bold look to the fascia of the car. Dynamic lighting with high intensity head lamps and bumper integrated fog lamps pave even the deepest darkened areas. Sculpted hood with powerful body lines flowing to the back explains the reason for its power packed performance. Body coloured door handles and repeater lamp integrated ORVM's add to the flamboyant look of the car. With sliding door equipped to the car, the entry and and exit of the car becomes even more simple. High mounted spoiler and lengthy structure of the MPV nurtures the aerodynamic trait of the car. Combination rear lamps with chrome embossed exhaust tail tips gives the car a sporty persona. Reflector lamps with broad bumpers gives the car a masculine characteristic.

Exterior Measurements

Lengthy body structure of the car ensures a precise measurement of 4860mm X 1850mm X 1685mm (LXWXH), that offers maximum space inside. With a wheelbase of 2950mm, the car is stable enough while maneuvering sharp turns.


Protracted body structure of the car holds ample space inside to make its occupants feel cozy. Comfort adjustment seats of the 8 ensures various comfort position thus offering you a fatigue free riding experience. Finely engineered interior of the car has geometrically arranged controls, that lets you avail with every operation within short reach of your hands. Vibrant shades to the dash surface has nicely finished trims, that lets you feel luxury all inside. 3-spoke steering wheel has multi functional control that allows you to operate systems without letting your hands off the steering wheel. Transmission lever of the car is located a minimum distance from the steering wheel so as to gain easy and brisk shifting of gears. Besides these the centre console of the car has numerous functional controls for traveling comfort. Instrument cluster of the car is loaded with almost all information required during driving.

Interior Comfort

Capacious interiors of the car has some decent comfort factors that would keep you cocooned in harsh conditions. Arm rest and recliner seats provided in the car avails you with full fledge comfort during distant travels. All door controls on the driver side offers easy closing and opening of doors by just sitting at the driver seat. Power windows to each door avails you with fatigue free operation of windows. Efficient air conditioning system of the car is equipped with filters that respire in fresh and pollen-less air, thus availing the occupants with a soothing atmosphere all inside. Apart from these, the air vents to the rear offer ample cooling to every nook and corner of the car. In order to store your useful amenities the car comes with innovative storage areas for easy settling of drinks and eateries.

Interior Measurements

With nicely spaced interior, the MPV 8 has a capacious three row seating arrangement, that accommodates 7 people at a time. In order to take this vehicle to distant tours the brand has added a decent boot space of 400-litres, so that you can settle your heavy load of luggages.

Engine and Performance

Sculpted hood of the Mazda 8 accommodates a MZR 2.3-litre gasoline engine. This in-line 4-cylinder engine churns out a maximum power of 120 kW at 6500 rpm. The front wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with a peak torque value of 203 Nm at 3500 rpm. 5-Speed Activematic transmission mated with the engine offers a brisk and easy shifting of gears thus offering a fatigue-free driving condition. Amalgamation of Sequential valve timing technology and electronic throttle control in the engine offers an exponential hike in the fuel economy of the engine. Besides this, the variable intake system increases the power parameter of the engine by adding up more air to the engine.

Stereo and Accessories

Interactive display unit of the car offers a decent infotainment factor to the occupants. CD/VCD/DVD supportable entertainment system of the car kills the boredom during distant travels. SD card and USB compatible audio system lets you switch to your favorite list of music. Radio and FM supporter avails you with latest city information by tuning to your favorite radio station. The built in parking camera lets you display the rear view while parking in tight areas, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Information display on the centre console avails you with decent set of information like ambient temperature, time and air-flow mode inside the cabin.


Machine designed alloy wheels of the car suits nicely to the elegant silhouette of the car. With a rim size of 16-inch the high quality tyres used in the car holds a specification of 215/65 R16.

Braking and Handling

Ventilated disc brakes housed to each wheel offers a consistent braking performance. The efficient calipers used in the braking system ensures safe braking condition even at high speeds. Independent suspension system affixed to the four corners has McPherson strut suspension at the front and multi-link suspension at the rear, thus delivering a stable and comfortable ride even at harsh road gradients. Electro hydraulic power assist steering system of the car allows you to maneuver sharp turns with ease.

Safety and Braking

Braking system housed to the wheels has anti-lock braking system installed to it, that prevents the wheel locking condition and eventually limits the risk of skidding. Electronic brake force distribution exerts equal amount of brake force to each wheel, owing to which the rollers grips the tarmac and reduces the risk of traction loss. Brake assist system equipped in the car imparts extra brake force by sensing the condition of rolling, thus preventing the risk of brake related injuries. Package of air bags employed to the car allows the occupants to escape fatal injuries during any collisions. Besides this, the robust body structure with ladder frame beneath ensures maximum safety during high impact collisions. Rear parking camera affixed to the rear offers a clear display of the back while undergoing parking at tight areas. Engine immobilizer system of the car detects the unique key and ensures ample safety against thievery. 


  • Sufficient room
  • Comfortable seats
  • Improved driving ergonomics


  • Lacks better fuel economy
  • Stiffer suspension
  • Not much up-gradation on the exterior design

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