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458 Spider Color Options

  • Red

  • Blu Swaters

  • Blu Tour De France

  • Azzurro California

  • Grigio Silverstone

  • Grigio Scuro

  • Gaillo Modena

  • Blu Mirabeau

  • Verde British

  • Rosso Scuderia

  • Grigio Alloy

  • Rosso Corsa

  • Bianco Avus

  • Nero Pastello

  • Grigio Titanio Metallizzato

  • Canna Di Fucile

  • Nero Daytona

  • Rosso Fiorano

  • Rosso Dino

  • Blu Pozzi

  • Avorio

  • Grigio Ferro

  • Blu Abu Dhabi

  • Grigio Ingrid

  • Argento Nurburgring

  • Blu Scozia

  • Rosso Mugello

Ferrari 458 Spider Review


Ferrari is the most prestigious name among the sports car manufacturers. The mid-engined Ferrari 458 was launched at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show where it received tremendous appreciation and encouraged the manufacturer to make it available in the production version. The drive replaced the Ferrari F430 with a better configuration and aesthetics. The Ferrari 458 is offered in 2 trims – 458 Italia and 458 Spider from which the Ferrari 458 Spider is the retractable hardtop convertible version. With extremely ravishing design and advanced technologies, the Spider is made to offer an open-air experience to all those who love the wind while driving along with loud scream of Ferrari exhaust. On the mechanical grounds, the 458 Spider is completely identical to the 458 Italia. The Spider is created with the inspiration of the Millechili concept car and Enzo Ferrari. The design of the Ferrari 458 Spider provides world-class aerodynamic efficiency.

Engine, Mileage and Variants

Ferrari 458 Spider houses a humongous powerful engine with 4.5-litre capacity. This V8 Direct Injection Dry Sump configuration engine enhances the efficiency making it generate a thrilling peak power output counting 562 hp at 9000 rpm along with equally impressive torque measuring to 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. The same efficiency is reflected in the acceleration and pick up also. The drive triggers from standstill and touches to 100 kmph in mere 3.4 seconds while attaining a top speed clocking to 320 kmph. Apart from showing decent figures in acceleration and pick up segments, the same is also shown in fuel consumption with a combined average of 13.3 litres per 100 Kms.


The Ferrari 458 Spider offers breathtaking exteriors with a dimension of 4527 mm x 1973 mm x 1973 mm (L X W X H). The extremely futuristic styling of this new Ferrari car flaunts the luxury along with sporty and comfort elements. The aggressive styling of this car comprises a flat undertray without aero aidsn to generate more downforce in comparison to the previously existing F430 while offering better aerodynamic qualities. The efficiency of this Ferrari beast is encouraged by moving the intakes for the power mill bay cooling from the drive's rear flanks to the undertray. The Enzo touch inlet wings of this Italian car angle air upwards to decrease drag at high speeds. Also, the metallic exteriors of the car give a glossy and flawless effect to it making it look one in a million on the road. The roof line of the Spider slides down lighty in order to merge into the bumper. Other than this, the rear side of the car looks bold and menacing with the roof line lowering delicately into the rear.


The cabin of the Ferrari 458 Spider offers the best material and craftsmanship, which is as per the expectations of its customers. The company has employed all the features and devices that are required for the cars of this class. The premium leather wrapped seats offer the luxurious and comfort feel while traveling in it. The stretches of rich leather could also be seen on the steering wheel which extend this luxury feel towards the entire cabin area. The carbon fibre seats designed in such a way that they not only offer support but offer the best in class comfort to the passengers while reducing the overall weight of the car. The dashboard and seat shell are also made up of high-quality fiber. Most of the controls and devices are mounted on the steering wheel for the convenience of the driver. The car, however, doesn't offer an impressive boot space, but there is a decent area behind the seats where the occupants can pack their small weekend vacation bags.

Safety, Brakes and Miscellaneous

In terms of might and grandeur, the Ferrari 458 Spider is only one or two level below the Ferraris’s formula one cars. Keeping this fact in mind, Ferrari has equipped the Spider with the latest and best in class safety aspects along with a braking system to make the car safe. The body of the car is impacted resistant. The cockpit of the car has dual airbags along with digital pressure gauge, which can help in monitoring the tyre pressure. For effective braking, Spider has received dual hydraulic circuit braking along with vacuum brake booster. Along with these, the car also has superior brake callipers and a monotube damper for optimum safety.


The Ferrari 458 Spider is a perfect example of elegance and beauty. The car offers exemplary performance and smooth handling. With excellent balance and stunning styling, this beauty offers an overall thrilling performance and luxurious feel. But all this comes with a cost and the actual price on the road doesn't look affordable for all.

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