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Rp 106,3 - 111,8 million*
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    • T
      1198 cc, Petrol
      Rp 106,3 million*
    • 1198 cc, Petrol
      Rp 106,8 million*
    • 1198 cc, Petrol
      Rp 111,8 million*


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Datsun GO Review


Officially launched in the year 1931, Datsun, the multinational is owned by the Japanese auto giant Nissan Motor Company. After its phase-out in the year 1986, the brand with a new hope and determination relaunched the brand in the year 2013, and now with its first launch of hatchback car “Datsun GO”, the brand has climbed the peak. Named after its first car 'Dat-Go' launched in the late 20th century, this family hatchback has already won many hearts and many more things are yet to happen. Striking new design of the car is something you would expect from a luxury car. Honeycomb grille with brands insignia on it shows the real Datsun character. Besides giving ample illumination, the fascia mounted diamond shaped head lamps of the car adds nicely to the flamboyant look of the car. With bulged out wheel arches and broad shoulder lines, the car imposes a athletic trait to the spectators. Optional rear spoilers and the dynamic lining over the body adds to the aerodynamic trait and improves the drag coefficient of the vehicle. Chrome embossed exhaust tail pipes and combination tail lamps gives a sporty persona to the rear of the car.Nicely arranged interior of the car reflects the quality it is bestowed with. With multi tone dash surface and optional wooden trims over the console area, the interior of the car looks equally gracious. Comfortable seats of the car adapts the spine curve thus offering full fledge driving comfort. Console area mounted shift lever is located at a minimal distance from the steering wheel, thus offering a brisk and easy shifting of gears. JVC music system housed in the car offers a decent acoustical trait to the occupants during long tours. Elegant bonnet of the car roofs a 1.2-litre petrol engine, that churns out a maximum power of 68 PS at 5000 rpm. The front wheel drive arrangement is delivered with a peak torque of 104 Nm at 4000 rpm. With electronically controlled accelerator paddle, the car is availed with a decent mileage of 20.63 kmpl. The car also has a follow-me-home light option that keeps the headlamps illuminated for a while, even when the engine is turned off. Crumple zones on the body offers maximum protection to the occupants during frontal collisions. Apart from these, the three point seat belts allows you to avoid injuries caused by sudden impacts. Engine immobilizer system equipped in the car detects the appropriate key and prevents the risk of thievery. Intelligent wiper equipped in the car automatically regulates the wiper according to the speed of the vehicle, thus nurturing the visibility of the driver.

Mileage and Fuel economy

Electronic gasoline injection system equipped in the engine offers a precise amount of fuel to each cylinder, thus nurturing the combustion stoichiometry. Electronically controlled accelerator pedal accurately feeds fuel to the manifold thus reducing the emissions and delivering an efficient mileage of 20.63 kmpl.


Being the largest engine in the class, this 1.2-litre gasoline engine adopts a race car trait. The “perfect circle bore machining” done to the GO delivers a class leading power of 68 PS at 5000 rpm. Front wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with a peak torque of 104 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup

5-speed manual transmission housed in the engine allows it hit 0-100 kmph in just 15 seconds. At the same time the propulsion comes to an end at a top speed of 145 kmph.


Robust body with strong lines and imposing body bulges is the new benchmark in design. Honeycomb grille structure with engulfed brand logo and bordered with chrome plated frame shows the real Datsun character. Bumper integrated broad air intakes enables the car to transport ample air to the engine bay. Elegant fenders and the striking new design of the bonnet is something which you could only encounter in luxury cars. Fascia mounted diamond shaped headlamps have a sleek new look and offers ample visibility to match the performance of the vehicle. Body colored door handles and electronically adjustable ORVM's adds to the sleek silhouette of the car. Deeply curved shoulders and bulged out wheel arches is the symbol of strength in the GO and also adds to the athletic trait of the car. Combination lamps at the rear offers high alertness to the traffic, if there is any intension to stop. Apart from these, the chrome embossed exhaust tail pipes and the reinforced rear bumper adds to the masculine persona of the car. Optional, uniquely designed spoilers added to the rear nurtures the aerodynamic trait by reducing the excessive aerodynamic drag of the vehicle, thus improving the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Exterior Measurements

Fit and fine finish and elegant persona of the car is the result of precise dimensioning done to it. Measuring 3785mm X 1635mm X 1485mm (L X W X H), the vehicle fits to the hatchback segment of the brand.


Clean and simple design of the interior reflects the quality it is bestowed with. With multi-tone front dash surface and optional wooden trims, the car adopts the quality and refinements of a luxury car. Low-fatigue design of the seats make you feel comfortable by adapting the natural curve of your spine and supporting the chest and pelvis areas, which eventually reduces the pressure on your back while sitting. Efficient air conditioning system equipped in the car offers a pleasant and soothing atmosphere all in the cabin, the filters fitted in the system avails you with fresh and pollen-less air to respire. 3-spoke power steering of the GO offers ample grip to maneuver sharp turns with ease. Console area mounted shift lever of the car is located at minimal distance from the steering wheel, thus offering an easy and brisk switching of gears.

Interior Comfort

Nicely designed interior of the car has ample storage ares, in order to settle useful amenities used during traveling. Elegant design of the door accommodates door pockets that lets you store reading articles and other needfuls. Apart from these, the glove box area attached to the dash unit offers you to settle eateries and other leisure items used during long travels. Optional arm rest with console box enhances the driving pleasure of the driver while on distant tours. Smart meter avails you with the tachometer information and gear shift indication so as to gain maximum efficiency and a hike in power. Intelligent wiper system automatically adapts to the vehicle speed, thus enhancing the visibility of the driver during bad weather conditions.

Interior Measurements

Generous space inside the car accommodates a total of 5 persons at time. With best in class luggage space, the car accommodates a boot space of 265-litres, that lets you store you heavy baggages during distant travels.

Engine and Performance

The largest in its class, 1.2-litre gasoline engine adopts the race car trait that enhances the performance of the vehicle. Borrowing 'perfect circle bore machining' from the race car technology, allows it to churn out a maximum power of 68 PS at 5000 rpm. The front wheel drive arrangement of the car is availed with a peak torque of 104 Nm at 4000 rpm. The counterbalance system limits the noise and vibration of the engine thus nourishing the driving pleasure of the vehicle. Efficient engine of the GO delivers a decent mileage of 20.63 km/l, thus adding it to the economic factor.

Stereo and Accessories

2-Din JVC music system equipped in the car avails you with quality acoustic all in the car. With the ability to play via CD/DVD, the car offers full fledge entertainment to the occupants seated in. USB slot given to the system lets you plug in any external device and listen to your list of genres. Apart from these, the multi information display avails you with almost all engine parameters required during driving. Bluetooth connectivity equipped in the engine allows you to have hands free connections, without letting your hands off the steering wheel. 12V power socket offers you charging area to get your devices charge during long tours.


13-inch machine designed wheels of the car accommodates a tubeless tyre of size 155/70 R13. The tyres are kept basic and apt enough to increase the overall mileage of the vehicle rather than focusing more on gripping the surface. However, the tyres do there job well!

Braking and Handling

With ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, the car offers an efficient and safe stopping tendency. Combination of McPherson strut with double pivot arm at the front and H-type torsion beam at the rear offers a stable and comfortable ride, even at harsh gradients. Speed sensitive electric power steering housed in the car enhances the handling and improves maneuvering capability of the car at sharp corners. Though having long wheelbase, the car has a best in class turning radius of 4.6m.

Safety and Security

High strength body of the car has crumple zones that absorbs the sudden impact experienced during frontal collisions, thus reducing the risk of fatal injuries. Apart from these the reinforced bumpers offer ample protection during frontal crash. 3-point set belts at the front offers ample safety during crash. Child lock facility equipped in the car prevents the unwanted opening of the door, thus reducing the risk of accidents during propulsion. Follow-me-home headlamp equipped in the car light up the path even when the engine is turned off. Engine immobilizer system equipped in the car detects the appropriate key and minimizes the risk of thievery.


  • Elegant design
  • Powerful engine
  • Efficient mileage


  • Lacks safety features
  • Interior space should have been wisely used
  • Plastic trims look low quality on the dash unit

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