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Currently 8 UD trucks are available for sale in Indonesia. The UD Quester GDE, UD Quester GWE, UD Quester CWE are the most popular UD trucks.

UD offers 1 Tipper (UD Quester CGE), 5 Box Body (UD Quester GDE, Quester GKE, Quester CDE, Kuzer RKE, Quester CKE), 1 Transit Mixer (UD Quester CWE), 1 Tractor Head Trailer (UD Quester GWE) in the country. Check UD trucks Loan Package Price and Cheap Installments at the nearest UD truck Dealer.

UD Indonesia Trucks Price List 2023

The lowest price UD model is the Quester CWE Rp 600 Million and the highest price model is the Quester GWE. There are 5 UD trucks available in Indonesia, check out all models Maret 2023 price below.

UD Models Price List
UD Quester GWE Rp 999 Million
UD Quester CWE Rp 600 - 700 Million
UD Quester CDE Rp 700 Million
UD Quester CGE Rp 700 Million

UD Indonesia Line-up

UD Tipper UD Quester CGE
UD Box Body UD Quester GDE, Quester GKE, Quester CDE, Kuzer RKE, Quester CKE
UD Transit Mixer UD Quester CWE
UD Tractor Head Trailer UD Quester GWE
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8 UD Trucks Indonesia