Tipper Trucks

Find the list of Tipper Trucks in the Indonesia. There are a total of 34 models available in the Indonesia. Hino, Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Isuzu are the most popular Tipper Trucks brands in the country. If we talk about the best Tipper Trucks models then Hino Dutro Dump 130 HD X-Power, Hino Dutro Dump 130 HD LSD, Hino Dutro Dump 130 HD, Mercedes Benz Axor and Toyota Dyna are among the most popular Tipper in the segment. The cheapest is Hino Dutro Dump 110 HD 2023 for Rp 308,71 Million and the most expensive one is Mercedes Benz Actros 2023 for Rp 2,59 Billion. To know the complete price list in your city, promos, variants, specs, photos, fuel consumption and reviews, please select your desired Trucks models from the list below.

Best Tipper 2023 Indonesia

Model Price List
Hino Dutro Dump 130 HD X-Power Rp 336,9 Million
Hino Dutro Dump 130 HD LSD Rp 359,3 Million
Toyota Dyna Rp 398,4 - 491,7 Million
Hino Dutro Dump 130 HD Rp 336,1 Million
Hino Dutro Dump 110 HD Rp 308,71 Million
Mercedes Benz Axor Rp 568,7 Million - 1,346 Billion
Isuzu GIGA (4x2) Rigid-6 Cyl Rp 798,5 Million - 1,243 Billion
Mitsubishi Fighter FN 62 F HD Rp 1,368 Billion
Hino Dutro Dump 136 HD Rp 465,7 Million
Hino Dutro Dump 115 HD Rp 439,4 Million
Hino Ranger Dump FM 260 JD Rp 1,283 Billion
Hino Ranger Dump FG 235 JJ Rp 663,72 Million
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