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Hino Dutro

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Hino Dutro is available in 13 options in Indonesia - Dutro Cargo 110 SD, Dutro Cargo 110 SDL, Dutro Cargo 110 LD, Dutro Cargo 110 SDR, Dutro Dump 110 HD, Dutro Cargo 110 LDL, Dutro Cargo 130 MD, Dutro Dump 130 HD X-Power, Dutro Cargo 130 HD, Dutro Cargo 130 MDL, Dutro Cargo 130 HDL, Dutro Dump 130 HD LSD, Dutro Dump 130 HD. The lowest price Hino Dutro model is the Dutro Cargo 110 SD Rp257,8 Juta and the highest price model is the Dutro Dump 130 HD LSD at Rp339,4 Juta.

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