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Husqvarna Enduro FE 501 Review


The Husqvarna dirt bikes have gained popularity with its magnificent performance in all terrains, with the launch of FE 501, it has given new dimensions to adventures rides. This bike features new headlamp, electric start, hydraulic clutch, Brembo brakes and handlebar mounted map switch as standard.


The design features of FE 501 matches with that of FC 450 in terms of body frame design, engine and exhaust manifold. The dimensions of the bike include the wheelbase of 1482mm with 10mm flexibility for adjusting to given track conditions. Saddle height of 970mm and excellent ground clearance of 345mm provide perfect posture for the rider and make it convenient for usage on any tracks. The bike is specifically designed for dirt track racing with the superior quality of body dynamics with lightweight and strong aluminum swingarm and subframe. The front suspensions provided with the travel of up to 300mm and rear suspension up to 330mm enable for adjusting according to the track requirement.

Engine, economy, and performance

Husqvarna FE 501 features single cylinder four stroke liquid cooled 510cc engine delivering the power of 65hp. The engine is mated to six-speed claw shifted transmission through wet multi-disc clutch and the final drive connected to rear wheels through the chain link. The super smooth and quick accelerating engine can propel the bike to reach a top speed of over 130kmph. The superior performance of the engine with the fast development of torque can be handy for the rider to take on high altitude terrains such as rider over hilly areas as a part of the adventurous ride. The fuel tank of capacity 9.1L is used in FE 501 and the mileage factor varies depending upon the conditions of usage.


The riding of FE 501 assures fantastic experience in each outing with its excellent body dynamics and lightweight features. The torque available at the wheels and flexibility for adjusting the suspension level can enable the rider to take on worst possible conditions of the paths. Whether it is riding over slippery surfaces or riding over river bunds or riding on the rocky paths, a skillful rider can easily overcome obstacles. Husqvarna used new Dunlop MX52 motocross tires that feature extra strong buttons for better grip on soil tracks and during sharp cornering. The central tube frame made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing and the front suspension with upside down 4CS fork and rear suspension with mono shock absorber makes it withstand vibrations and impact loads during off road riding.

Safety, brakes and miscellaneous

The performance of bike supported with effective control systems makes way for fast and safe riding over any surfaces. The strong and light in weight guard used for protecting the engine from underbody hitting and the seat position, handlebar, rider footrest are appropriately designed for varying postures of the rider during racing. The control system involves the latest generation Brembo brakes with 260mm wave disc at front and 220mm wave disc at the rear. The suspension system has been deliberately tuned to provide a stable ride, and thus enhance rider confidence.


The FE 501 is more than a simple dirt track bike, the extreme performance factor can make it take on any surfaces and landscapes. It takes a specialized and skilled rider for making complete utilization of the potential of the bike.