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Diablo 200x Review


Diablo, the American automaker has launched 200x earlier this year and it is a full package of great feature and attractive appearance. 200x has been designed to be more refined and user-friendly and has low maintenance-intensive with a motocross seat and a higher carbon fibre mudguard. After producing various dirt bikes, 200x is the latest addition to Diablo.


Diablo 200x is brand-new in every conceivable way, It has long dimensions of 2202 mm and height of 1270 mm with a width of 865 mm. A dirt mudguard, motocross suspension and a single-eyed halogen headlamp have been provided to its front side along with a speedometer to add more dirtbike appeal. From the side, it has company insignia embellished on its sleek fuel tank. From the back, it has a taillight with tiny LED indicators. Diablo 200x has a long wheelbase of 1360 mm to provide a sporty motocross ride to the rider.

Engine, Economy & Performance

Talking about its engine and performance, Diablo 200x is equipped with a 200cc engine which puts out 13.41 hp at 9500 rpm and a huge amount of torque. With a five-speed gearbox, the engine produces a pleasing noise and vibration. It also has a multi-disc manual clutch to help in upshift and acceleration and makes it a perfect motocross bike for off-road riding.


The American manufacturer has provided 200x with telescopic suspension in front and mono shock suspension at the rear. It has 80/100 R21 tyre at the front while the rear part has 110/90 R18 size tyre. Both are tubeless tyres which allow perfect stability to the bike along with aluminium alloy wheels. The tyres hold the road really well and the handling of this bike is also very satisfactory. It’s very easy to use this light bike in city traffic and off the road. It is a splendid dirt bike, easy to ride and makes more room for electronic hardware under the seat.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

For satisfactory braking, 200x has a set of ventilated disc brake at both ends with an optional anti-lock braking system (ABS) which helps the wheels from getting locked easily. It also has a stability control option with two different riding modes: off-road and street. On top of this, the features and graphics of Diablo 200x are the pretty large swathe of bodywork which includes the front mudguard and its sleek fuel tank.


Diablo 200x is a perfect dirt bike in a way. Overall the American manufacturer has provided this bike with snazzy features with versatility it is a well-equipped bike for the consumers. It's racing performance and grippy tyres make it immensely flick-able and easy to handle.

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