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Jeep Wrangler Review


If anyone is to be credited for building the 4x4 vehicles, then it must be the American brand Jeep. Known for its all-terrain expertise, Jeep was founded in the year 1941. Being the eminent producer of military vehicles, this all American multinational tried its fate in civilian models in the year 1945. Since then the marque has not stepped back and presented the world with some of the most elegant 4-wheel powered machines. Yet again to challenge the off-roads, the brand is out with the new Jeep Wrangler. Replacing the Jeep CJ, the Jeep YJ (now known as wrangler) started its production in the year 1987. This legendary edition has reached to its third generation and is still not showing any signs of fading. In order to meet the versatility, the brand has come up with its three trim levels- Sport, Sahara 4X4 and Rubicon 4X4. Bold and masculine look of the Wrangler is the adoption from its ancestor military vehicles. Wide wheel arches and long simple hood, screams out the reason for its power packed performance. Spare wheel affixed to the tail gate and the grand ground clearance of the Wrangler invites you to challenge the toughest off-road track. Savage look of the Wrangler may fool you but stepping in to the interior you would realize that the brand has not missed to avail its occupants with full fledged comfort. Detailed stitching of the Nappa leather seats with leather and aluminum trims to the dash surface gives the interior an elegant look. Alpine music system with some decent set of speakers avails the occupants with quality acoustic inside the cabin. Traditional 3-spoke steering wheel is located at limited distance from the gear lever in order to provide the driver with maximum driving pleasure. Under the broad hood, there is a powerful 3.6-litre V6 engine, on the other hand the later variant accompanies an efficient 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine. Knocking a power range of 200 hp to 284 hp (between 3600 rpm to 6350 rpm), the Wrangler delivers a peak torque ranging from 347 Nm to 410 Nm (between 2600 rpm to 4300 rpm). Housing a turbocharger technology, the Wrangler diesel delivers an average mileage of 14.08 km/l. In order to surpass the difficulties faced during off-roading, the Wrangler is equipped with some decent set of safety features. Stability controls equipped in the Jeep allows it to grip the tarmac even at harsh road gradients. Package of air bags allows the occupants to escape fatal injuries, besides these, the robust structure of the Wrangler allows it to bear sudden impacts. Electronic Roll mitigation equipped in the car prevents the roll over of the vehicle while facing off-road tracks.

Mileage and Fuel economy

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology housed in the powerhouse of the Wrangler enhances the efficiency of the vehicle. This technology alters the valve opening and closing by altering the lift height of the valves according to the engine load conditions, thus improving the combustion stoichiometry. With this technology equipped in the 3.6-litre variant, it goes for an improved fuel economy of 9.61 km/l. On the other hand, with 2.8-litre diesel variant, the turbocharger housed in it allows it to deliver a decent mileage of 14.08 km/l.


Powerful V6 engine under the hood grunts out a maximum power of 284 hp at 6350 rpm, with a pulsating high torque of 347 Nm at 4300 rpm. On the other hand the 2.8-litre variant goes for a maximum power of 200 hp at 3600 rpm, at the same time the all-wheel drive arrangement of the Jeep is availed with a peak torque of 410 Nm between 2600 rpm to 3200 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup

6-speed manual transmission mated with the powerplant offers an easy and brisk shifting of gears, besides this it also allows the Wrangler to hit 0-100 km/h in just 8 seconds. At the same time the efficient dynamics and power-packed engine enables the Wrangler to only stop the propulsion at a top speed of 200 km/h.


Rugged impressive exterior of the Wrangler is the true inspiration from its previous military models. Vented fascia of the Wrangler with ample air supply to the engine allows the Jeep to showcase its full performance. With bumper mounted fog lamps and round high intensity head lamps, the Wrangler is home in any deepest darkened corners of the world. With tremendous ground clearance and robust body, the Wrangler is able to cope any harsh terrains with ease. Diffuser mounted to the bottom and the simple body structure enhances the driving dynamics and nurtures the aerodynamic factor of the vehicle. Disembodied wheel arches of the wrangler screams out the reason for its unmatched power and it is the uniqueness that brand has not given to any other Jeeps. This high performance 4-wheel drive mean machine comes with both topless and hard top configuration, that enhances the versatility of outdoor adventure. Spare wheel affixed to the tail gate and the reinforced rear bumper with enormous ground clearance gives the Jeep a real off-road persona. High strength naked roll cage of the Wrangler invites you to take to an off-road expedition, apart from these it also ensures ample safety of the occupants against roll over while encountering off-road tracks.

Exterior Measurements

Masculine built of the Wrangler holds a precise dimension range of 4223 mm X 1873 mm X 1800 mm-1865 mm. According to the variant you choose the height of the Wrangler is varied, with being a hard top variant the height ranges between 1800mm to 1840mm and with soft top the height goes from 1825 mm to 1865 mm. Being an off-roader the stability of the Wrangler is of much concern, so the brand has gifted it with a wheelbase of 2424mm.


Adventure class feature housed inside the Wrangler keeps you cozy even in harsh conditions. Traditional steering wheel with brands logo engraved to it has multi-function capability that offers pure off-road driving pleasure. Leather trims with supple upholstery avails you with a generous seating comfort, besides this, the heated front seats avails you with a soothing pleasure while driving. Premium instrument cluster avails you with sufficient driving information, the ergonomically arranged controls on the dash surface offers a fatigue-free driving and enhances the driving pleasure of the driver. Rigid gear train with stiff lever of the Wrangler allows it to challenge any off-road track. Aluminum finish on the A/C vents and glove box area throws a bit of luxurious essence to the interior of the Wrangler. Washable interior of the Wrangler comes as standard to all its model, drain plug is also provided there to wash out the collected dirt during an off-road adventure.

Interior Comfort

Do not let its rugged exterior fool you as its interior are equally comfortable to let you cruise through off-road terrains. Roomy space inside the Wrangler offers ample space to accommodate your heavy baggages of luggage, thus making you tour to the harshest terrains comfortable. Adjustable comfort parameters of the Wrangler keeps you cocooned in any harsh terrains. Decently sized glove box of the car allows you to store useful eateries and drinks during long travel. Lockable centre console of the Wrangler holds space to settle your cups and bottles. Heated seats of the Wrangler makes you feel cozy while planing for a distant tours.

Interior Measurements

Generous space of the Wrangler can accommodate four people at a time. With all seats in place, the Wrangler holds a decent cargo volume of 365-litre. Folding the second row, the boot space of the Wrangler goes to an enormous size of 1030-litres.

Engine and Performance

Elementary designed hood of the Wrangler accommodates 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 engine that houses a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology, on the other hand the 2.8-litre engine in the later variant houses turbocharger that avails the vehicle with an improved performance. Gasping ample charge, the dynamically engineered powerhouse of the Wrangler churns out a power range of 200 hp to 284 hp (between 3600 rpm to 6350 rpm). At the same time the all-wheel drive arrangement of the Wrangler is availed with a peak torque of 347 Nm to 410 Nm (between 2600 rpm to 4300 rpm). Rigid power-train of the Wrangler is mated with a 6-speed manual transmission that allows it to challenge the most rugged tracks.

Stereo and Accessories

Alpine Premium sound system of the car Wrangler comes with four speakers (2 in front and 2 in overhead sound bar), two weather resistant tombstone and a sub-woofer to transform the whole vehicle in to a concert hall. This high-end sound system of the Wrangler avails the occupants with quality acoustic that keeps them entertained all through the journey. Uconnect 135 system of the Wrangler holds AM/FM radio so that you can switch to your desired radio station. The 3.5mm audio jack allows you to connect any external device and play your favorite list of genres. 12 V power outlet allows you to get your phones and other external devices charged. HDD format capability and navigation system incorporated in the infotainment system allows you to have an easy interface with the vehicle and makes you surpass heavy traffic.


Polished alloys of the Wrangler accommodates a robust ally wheel of size ranging from 16-inch to 18-inch. All-season tyres bounded over the alloys have all-terrain capabilities, that allows you to face rugged tracks with ease and comfort. Tyre size of 245/75 R17 comes as standard in the Wrangler.

Braking and Handling

Disc brakes housed in the wheels nurtures the driving performance of the vehicle. Besides this the rain brake support offers ample stability against skidding during heavy rain. Rigid independent suspension in the Wrangler offers a comfortable and stable ride even at harsh road gradients. Turning radius of 5.2 m allows you to maneuver sharp turns with ease.

Safety and Security

In order to cope with rugged terrains, there is an obvious need of affixed safety equipments. Keeping this in mind the brand has loaded the new Wrangler with couple of decent safety features. Airbags for protection from all sides prevents the risk of fatal injuries while encountering collisions. High strength body of the Wrangler has rigid B-pillar and nicely spaced crumple zone, that absorbs the energy during crash. Tire pressure monitoring system with monitoring alarm alerts the driver if there is loss of pressure inside the tyres. Electronic roll mitigation equipped in the Wrangler prevents the risk of roll over while facing unstable road conditions. All speed traction control and electronic stability control provides equal torque value to each powered wheel thus gripping the tarmac and limiting the risk of instability. Security alarm with engine immobilizer and entry key with theft deterrent system offers ample safety against thievery.


  • Tremendous all-terrain capability
  • Rigid body structure
  • Decent power package


  • Could have increased the seating capacity
  • Lacks fuel economy
  • Higher variant is a bit pricey

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