Motorcycles below Below 15 Million

Find the list of brand new Bikes available Below 15 Million in the Indonesia. The most popular Bikes Below 15 Million include Yadea X-Bull (Rp 10,6 Million), ECGO 2 (Rp 6,9 Million), Selis Walet (Rp 5,4 Million), Selis E-Max (Rp 11,5 Million) and TVS Max 125 (Rp 13,75 Million). The cheapest one is Selis Mandalika 2023 priced at Rp 4,8 Million and the most expensive one is the Selis Agats 2023 which retails at Rp 15 Million for the top-end variant. The top brands that produce Bikes Below 15 Million are Yadea, ECGO, Selis, TVS and Volta. Please select your desired Bikes models from the list below to know the complete price list in your city, promos, variants, specs, photos, fuel consumption, and review.

Top Bikes Below 15 Million in Indonesia 2023

Model Price List
TVS Dazz Rp 14,45 - 14,83 Million
TVS Max 125 Semi Trail Rp 14,25 Million
United Type B Rp 8,8 Million
Selis Walet Rp 5,4 Million
Yadea X-Bull Rp 10,6 Million
TVS Max 125 Rp 13,75 Million
Selis E-Max Rp 11,5 - 24 Million
Viar Cross X 100 Mini Trail Rp 9,68 Million
Selis Rinjani Rp 7,2 Million
Selis Agats Rp 15 Million
BF Goodrich Q7 Rp 13,2 Million
Yadea Minion Rp 10,6 Million
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26 Motorcycles below Below 15 Million